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  • 00:00: Although many of you about and how I managed to restore their sight I had minus three and a half Now vision practically Perfect I have been doing everyday of yoga that helped me
  • 00:31: achieve the very first I was doing it Breath find sadhana I combined Exercises for eyes These exercises are very help muscles following your eye who is getting better circulatory around the eye apple intake beneficial nutrients and vitamins respectively the work of the eye lens also
  • 01:02: recovers static Exercises for eyes they are very simple and you should delay look in the extreme points let's say you're watching Top belly breathe and hold it position of the eyes in flow start with the minutes and then for 5 minutes you hold maximum top
  • 01:32: position of the eye at the same thing we do down and as you hold constantly try lower eye apple as low as possible you feel the muscles around the eye Apple followed the same thing we do on nose it probably
  • 02:03: looks pretty funny nonetheless necessary and useful exercise the same thing we do on tip of the nose held by two eyes wherein the tip of the nose working eye apples following what I was doing is breathing Practice of Yoga Nadis shodhana while I held view of
  • 02:34: diagonally upward and to the side of the same nostrils that there is breath in side we hold look and also working eye apple maximum drag it to diagonal now I we get some show Breathe in one exhale through the nostrils and then through another it is at sunset Haim with the eyes work respectively and in the same rhythm you
  • 03:42: breathing from five to Ten minutes is not enough the fact that the very breath It is a very useful it clears the channels nadi your body Canadian channels Ida and pingala and cool general improvement the body is respiratory systems
  • 04:12: In addition it affects breathing brain receptors who also interconnected with your vision plus you connecting eyes the use of a very, very most of this following what I was doing I started exercises for the neck of turning first eye I unwrapped my eyes Then I unfolded head and held it as much as
  • 04:43: extreme position as well as the eyes eyes I try to see how you can farther behind him and it is also not returning throughout holding exercise eyeball maximum left position so precisely also return eyes first then the head and the other side too, we We begin first move eyes then expand
  • 05:23: head and hold eyeball in rightmost position looking behind him in each toward you must hold not less than one minute Increase retention time than The longer you hold the works better your Eye and last Exercise I I do every day combined with its
  • 05:55: meditation concentrations I used this here wand oppressor simple exercise well-known we are looking at the tip sticks for half a minute minute and then we look into the distance through the stick to the line horizon or
  • 06:27: some objects which are located far I added his technique I I set fire to the stick began steaming lit. and in the same way in
  • 06:59: for several I look at the minutes I then stick I look at the smoke of sticks then I look into the distance you can still add
  • 07:29: dive into spark sticks we try to look as the center through the wand the center of the ion then re-translate sight distance can be choose additional an object somewhere here let's say Now let us take the lighthouse that is, I divide
  • 08:00: but also an exercise in some stages I first look at wand let for moments we look at wand then we look at the won the lighthouse you can see but then we must We look at the line as John then for a few minutes then re-translate
  • 08:31: sight Room bacillus look smoke and then again look into the distance so we play for its lens lens of the eye, we What makes it better something less accordingly he
  • 09:03: training our vision recovering when you look at wand you are a teacher art concentration it is also very good for your mind to learn to manage restore them him you know our the body all interrelated so healing one we accordingly heal others think According to all you
  • 09:33: we must make every day to your eyesight recovered well plus of course very important food presence of vitamin eat more carrots eat at less harmful health products food is also very will contribute restoration Pliny important I sincerely I wish to all of you
  • 10:03: recovered vision health that ye calm and happy self-confident Thanks to the new meetings