Oksana Nosova

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Dense Pattern spokes. Knitting on # 239 spokes  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I will knit this here nice tight pattern front side Wrong description I will leave the pattern on my blog link Look at the video Knitting this pattern must be dial number loops multiple of 2 I gained 12 loops Knit the first row remove an edge then knit one front loop next st provyazyvaya not remove the work of the thread
  • 00:31: We reiterate report remove the front loop not provyazyvaem thread the work front remove the front loop and so knit to the end a number of recent an edge knit wrong on second row an edge shooting on remove one loop
  • 01:02: thread we going to work should be loop knit front We reiterate report remove one loop before working thread remove the front loop before working thread front and so knit up end of the series last knit
  • 01:32: seamy loop on the third row provyazyvaem facial hinges for the rear wall all the loops facial for rear wall an edge
  • 02:08: provyazyvaem 4 purl row bead fourth row knit all sts Wrong's all report the fifth row knit as well as first that is, rapport repeat 1 4 number of result we it turns out that's a beautiful pattern on it all subscribe to I wish all of my channel good luck to all until