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  • 00:00: Hello and welcome Welcome to my channel if you tired every morning Kushka yaishnitsu the this video specifically for you, or if Conversely you love spoil their close something this diverse video useful to you more I selected for you 5 ideas for the next breakfast and hurry Share anime us but if you interestingly keep looking and so the first dish that we prepare it cheesecakes chocolate filling to add this cottage cheese and sour cream
  • 00:31: well I advise peremeshaem you do not use very fat cottage cheese otherwise cheesecakes are dilapidate add sugar and amount of flour flour but it depends on the cheese still too many do not add Optimal will be two three tablespoons but no more of resulting cottage cheese dough forming small cheesecake rolled in flour with only one The Parties shall make two such heart in as a filling I I use black chocolate but can be
  • 01:01: take advantage of milk or white put a piece of chocolate on one of the cheesecakes on the side they floured top cover with other cheesecakes party does not sprinkled and then them carefully We join together Actually it much easier than it seems at first sight And now fried cheese cakes with both sides [music] of course you can use your favorite recipe cheesecakes but I usually I use so he is simple and in my
  • 01:32: look and cheesecakes obtained the most delicious turn to the following options breakfast is will be a mini-pizza prepare to start stuffing shall cut salami, then rub cheese as a basis pizza we using conventional bun for the burger For this section it in half entirely
  • 02:02: slightly smazhem vegetable oil from all sides smazhem more precisely sauce ketchup etc. I cheese spread well, salami and top pritrushu top it certainly spices the easiest option toppings you You can act on your taste and put it all that anything and so the time it should be warmed up to 180
  • 02:32: degree oven send it mini pizzas ten minutes, our rich and a delicious breakfast is ready following breakfast I want you offer it and all on a pancake should note that it also healthy dish Grind 2 tablespoons tablespoons of oat flakes into flour add a little salt and sugar to taste and 2 eggs
  • 03:05: [music] Again, we beat all what we have homogeneous mass warm up a frying pan and its smazhem vegetable oil We fry our oatmeal Pancake on a small fire can cover top lid turn over and give you fried with the reverse side
  • 03:35: literally half a minute as a filling I I take advantage condensed milk and bananas but you can it use completely any delicious option stuffing is also cream cheese tomatoes and basil but I'm certainly much more I love the sweet version by the way is one of the my favorite breakfast we go further and here we have a pineapple croutons mix finely sliced ​​pineapple with sugar and egg
  • 04:05: vzobem blender until smooth add some milk and stir I I will use ordinary bread can take advantage of Service as you like chop bread a la carte slices well beyond fry like
  • 04:35: ordinary toast collapses each slice of bread the resulting mixture and then fry in a small amount vegetable oil I served with pineapple and watering top chocolate topping the next option breakfast more rich he probably most like men it is such an omelet with
  • 05:05: filling in my opinion very good combination mushroom hunting and sausages chop onion stuffing thus both like you first fry the onions well, then add to the it rest Ingredients a separate container mix doubles milk salt and pepper spices to taste do ordinary egg mixture omelet fried
  • 05:35: pour the ingredients omelette evenly distribute it then surface cover with a lid and give him fry just a couple of minutes on low heat once the omelette ECU grab top dense rub cheese on top and in fact he now ready By the way if you have not see my previous
  • 06:06: 5 ideas for a video breakfast is rather go on but if you can credit I liked this video be sure put fingers up and write to any comments dishes you love cook breakfast most subscribe to my channel and see all these videos till