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  • 00:00: pm can massage here cupping-glass made of plastic they are flexible differ from glass medical cans yes those that do not injury-preventing them easy and convenient work means jar if not fallen to It formed the Oskol have to use them no longer be possible injure the body shall plus everything glass jars on fire you remember sooner let torched and then drown climatic effect
  • 00:30: arose here It is like that grandmother shrinks placed on the body created pneumatic Here you can see the effect of Now take a second jar and this area here it means to do vertebra banks do not We put put on a pair of vertebral muscles along with the vertebrae left right side and this is how it works we fixed
  • 01:00: can massage in this jar covered put person bed sheet 15 20 minutes a person is then remove Now I do gliding vacuum massage and hang it in a jar us I stuck to the body and Here we are on the back along the spine Here you can see immediately red light is yes this we are It increases blood flow pneumatic here This effect is familiar Chris kind of go than
  • 01:34: these banks are good you You have heard of this old method which is called bloodletting this method I have used I mean namely bloodletting They have been used many thousands of years ranging from the Ancient healers and still on the same bloodletting based method girudoterapii when Vachik Pius put on painful place to
  • 02:04: swollen leech aspirated bad the so-called blood stagnant blood here Banks performs at us the same function only without injury here let healers They are making cuts that body right up to the in painful places that came out a few drops of blood we do not make cuts we put the banks here and Here we see here We put the jar the trail has gone so then
  • 02:34: has a darker trail sinyachok after we removed the jar the means for better in which the body plan when we put bank at this location opens pores is the release of energy as it is sucked if there was a stagnation Energy is personal this energy through open pores better goes out and people feels better recovering
  • 03:05: patency of energy throughout the body so here's the jars we spend massage along the meridians energy are known to worldwide, in principle, oriental medicine is very active It has been used many thousands of years and Europe has become meridians include the recovery is in fact the massage here all his healing practitioners to work with meridians power that we are here so back to each
  • 03:36: leg go and limbs, too, even is about but on their case and seen that these red slippers and if so blood we intensified these tracks then will of course that's where we do bellows two massage jars go to the floor on wheelbarrows to the ribs work like this slip by the sides of the case that
  • 04:07: banks are disengaged yes ie the air to It falls during I see nothing wrong Again they were put and again express work here on spatula's the appearance of skin you see how this if people only
  • 04:37: that came out of steam broom as if in Pasha fell ie most important task this increase blood flow and release negative energy negative energy is the energy course of disease any who there is in the body shake the person's lumbar here Now we leave
  • 05:07: on waist Natasha jars now get to build sacrum set poyasnichka because we Natasha osteochondrosis goes here and recently it has not blown poyasnichka start hurt you stand Kubanochka this is in We now have a little stand now while I do massage shoulders bras massage