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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewoman today we knit here is a pattern it has a feature He is very good It holds its shape like this almost not stretched probably very well suitable for children of things repeated 4 rows and 3 ie, the sample loop It should consist of the number of loops
  • 00:31: multiple of three + two edge I begin to knit with edge loop 1 then rented a loop where for text loops should we tie 2 that is, we 3 facial loop knit 1 and then 1 Petra provyazyvaya stretch 2 follow and then do sc again three loops knit 2
  • 01:04: again sc 1 2 3 naked here it is rapport dovyazyvaem a number to the end of a number of
  • 01:36: ends 3 loops latest report three stretch loop and their 1 sc Wrong loop bead so that in we turned overturn knitting and knit in the
  • 02:06: seamy side all loops purl loops sc too provyazyvaem seamy the old way is over on the wrong side [music] go back on we continue to face Knit the next row this series we will
  • 02:36: displaced relative previous facial a number in order to still developing diagonal 1 loop then remove knit face for symmetry We do sc and 3 loops over the hole knit again three loops 2 again we do sc
  • 03:20: Again knit from buy in g not continue as knit to end of row and ends years sc three loops 2 and two loops left
  • 03:55: which provyazyvaem facial latest bead turn knitting and knit the fourth row as any odd ranks even rows purl loops so we tied fragment of 24 rows
  • 04:25: last good luck the last pattern all good