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  • 00:00: today we have baklava for the basis we take dough filo here I have a mixture nut nuts can be take the walnut cedar is very which you more like you can take a mixture of them in advance preferably a little bit it is not fry and dry oven for ten minutes then from them the fragrance more bright stands on somewhere 300 grams of nuts take a glass of sugar and a bit of cinnamon and in principle and
  • 00:31: melted before the captivity 200 g of melted butter on than we connect sugar nuts and cinnamon we mix and stuff we are ready I'm special grind nuts unevenness such pieces because it's more delicious when here such here grains come across you can simply skip the meat grinder
  • 01:01: but you can do with small pieces each leaf dough smeared with oil sprinkle with nuts and roll the mask
  • 01:42: take the second sheet and a baking dish like this and shoot so white
  • 02:14: until we have the entire background will be filled remaining nuts for harvesting
  • 03:23: Prepared we are ready it is lubricated with a mixture of yolks with saffron and with milk to be yellowish if not saffron can be replace with turmeric bake in preheated up to 200 degrees oven first we put on 10 10 minutes passed minutes we immediately
  • 04:00: the temperature is lowered 160 150 degrees next we will bake on this make bored with a sharp knife like here baklava We are always cut for diagonals notch all again again
  • 04:41: very very generous grease with creamy I melt the butter that got inside very sparingly and put again to bake on 150 160 degrees are not around 40 minutes it should walk through while we
  • 05:15: baking hohlova we we will make syrup for somewhere on 300 milliliters of water we take a glass of sugar immediately into sugar we will squeeze the lemon to sugar but not candy boiled in syrup half a lemon to us stop we go there cinnamon and lemon peel if there is a rind orange is still better and give
  • 05:45: boil down with us the sugar dissolved the water boiled this has even become condense start add here 2 from 2 3 full spoons of honey also give him boil all we have
  • 06:15: first cleaning in principle boil us do not need anything we remove from the fire and give cool off and stand we passed 50 minutes all Now we are ready should pour it syrup and give insinuate one and a half hours to syrup completely absorbed