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  • 00:00: Hello and you You know the name the greatest dish Eurasian the continent This dish is called beshbarmak this ancient chest all Three meat ingredient dough and remove it from the dish and went dumplings and manta rays, and pasties and belyashi and even Russian pies beshbarmak in this or that some form like the nations very interested in Kazakhs themselves very
  • 00:30: rarely calls it dish beshbarmak that translated means five fingers they call it very easy no meat We passed all the time when the women went for good water for beshbarmak and someone will hand a proud because the creek water should be very good if We want to cook meat tasty and very well important thing is boiling meat Kazan we already know OK an upper layer of water usually it has temperature somewhat cooler and lower than meat
  • 01:00: cooked at low temperature get tastier so tell me I spread the net as the meat is not lying at the bottom of the cauldron beshbarmak Kazakhstan usually prepared not because of a single species meat and more meats be sure to put mutton slice be sure to put piece young good beef and of course without beshbarmak horsemeat is not beshbarmak horsemeat is generally slightly podvyalivayut gives her to hang it little is dried up outside by a
  • 01:30: piece to cleverer than them and there is generally a stone very many known primarily he is a poet and a horse sausages from which It called goats Many boiled goat chat with Margot them in the Kazan I goats prefer cooking department it's time to Menka shoot a look sword, as the first relatively few Get all the affair in is that in the first water good but only narrow and large meat so the meat protein
  • 02:00: oil pastor out the broth understand meat protein this tour for which all this mankind is not for the sake of the meat is fat in the end, but fat can not do without Right now lay fat and I laying a whole tea sheep's tail fat and I make sure a good piece horse fat here this fat he us yet need you You see what it Salon does not in itself be sure to sleep Right on the first day and you can enjoy then for men
  • 02:30: especially for those who It is working in the open heavy air physical labor is bacon is the best vitamin know nice to see when the broth Clear Well cares be sure to salt right on the salt eating dinner when the salt just over one interest is always on than do you know how check the readiness meat is taken and the spokes I pierced meat here derives meat Pink juice well means
  • 03:00: We still have no let a little more cooked and if the meat is already nothing follows about p pretty pond under that spoke all ok where about that I was not simply pizza me, it still and a thermometer and is thermometer inside the piece of meat temperature reached have as much as much 85 degrees is more than enough this meat lamb ready I do not for a lamb famous who kept and you filed prepared 1 meat is almost
  • 03:30: ready it's time take a test because beshbarmak this is not the learn about it more and in any way dough Chechnya prepares a similar dish boiled mutton cook garlic salt and broth and fat very honest resource father boil coast better Dagestan and citizens and a similar dish called Kendall it is exactly the same as of Kazakhstan
  • 04:00: the dough is rolled out here such a huge rolling pin dough circle to crank rolling pin and knife run only cut through Stand and dough deployed to Tape them turns exactly the same tape what kind I have already received here and dough our world formats he is ready only boil but before the boil we need to test clean
  • 04:30: rest of the meat and fat and told now we all ready to cook the dough if dump the dough it Brand ambassadors she just broth simply slipnetsya to the dough not stuck to the dish I Now it drenches Now this hot broth and a little fat is
  • 05:00: Razumeyev really all survived Council it means ready extra track bouillon cover it
  • 05:31: conditions would not have to too strong topping let it is a little live here know the first of its acuteness with not so this is not suffice it should remain vitamins because is for mac in fact it is balanced meal most pleasant cut meat and then Farm I pinkish is very it is very good tasty meat tissue a pinkish already
  • 06:02: never succeed to understand what is the meaning or the fact that tied Jezebel or the dried topsheet no proteins wasted no Hemoglobin is nothing that here it was useful in the horses nothing It will come out all stay here even for every man At least one circle at least this much I tell you I say exactly kurdjuchnyj fat or horse fat is too strictly optional and you actually you know saying that in the 19th century when there were
  • 06:33: invented antibiotics and all Petersburg polls suffered from consumption is what we today call tuberculosis only method extraction was man went in Kazakh steppe is not everyone has It was available live the steppes a year or two in the sun on fresh meter price herds heel which gives milk used to make mare and here on this food was only method recovery from such terrible disease therefore falling fall beshbarmak I say
  • 07:04: its guests not only pleasant appetite and telling them iceq be healthy