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  • 00:00: every morning caring parents prepare children sandwiches to school and loving mother and my Tanya friend Litvinov tell how to cook tasty and healthy sandwiches hello my expensive for this topic You still actual son to school you prepare a sandwich daily course the need to put two sandwich because day long up to three hours I have a child It must be something
  • 00:30: eat the most traditional and ordinary sandwiches This sandwiches sausage in principle all of them but the kids love We all know that sausage shop not always happens very useful is not always useful and so I I avoid at all buy it in I manage the store's so here's a little sekretik that with you today share we are now prepare you dish is called in Romania Moldova Island pastrami fragrant clear the Romanian island
  • 01:00: Moldavian cuisine century long ago I became about Lublin they remove a delicacy Ukraine Flower recipe pastrami LPK you found nomads for a long time with briganii my ass their bags Marsh often I went to tradition Well, there is an on stroma ranks mouse head product and with my chicken Vasya on the Kura Wait higher than I places no proteins replacement for shdm water Quechua Klimt diet wagon positive swam to intellectual grew this little youngster who knows that the measles than I shared glutamine amino acid c led buy
  • 01:30: Charging mask let me wife on Rocheva for jewelry rose new serious I use a sharp chicken breast which are soaked in milk but why when myasko there it will lie down milk, especially if you are using beef or veal she becomes much gentler well as the It should be juicy are obtained two o'clock where then let them lie down malloc completely different I use taste traditional for this spice in the region Stage one Africa teaspoon a little nutmeg less than paprika soy sauce is three
  • 02:00: incomplete canteens spoon sweet soy sauce and a lot of salt and garlic clove 1 garlic in principle this will enough See what a beautiful we get the marinade it thoroughly damp marinade let them lie down there a few minutes and in the meantime we take a thick thread Here's a forming here such Here's how to roll the meat was so Here beautiful shape up I came the scent this is not magic afraid of the word sauce that perhaps you can
  • 02:30: used for some other dishes Tanya meat course for ace so can not be even banal that we all we love banal cold boiled pork Oh, you have a noble Vazhenina cook too consider holidays which dish holiday but its Fairies can prepare all He knows how to do it so try But with just such a I think that the marinade and you will not regret send it to oven preheated 180 degrees
  • 03:00: baking needed drop below somewhere the middle of the oven and hold on there 20 minutes is not much it is important to not dry up that it is juicy and from this we will tasty it turns out that a frame get ready fairly quickly some 20 minutes, and already chicken breast clotted but still we get great and whole pieces of meat child says mom I not want sausage sausages not be fooled there whole meat
  • 03:30: agree with you well, Of course there a good excuse cook today we sausage Even the kitchen, I'll teach you it does make it and easily obtained perfect boiled sausages in your kitchen Che knew him more drug sausage rested body and Shah call and Stalin she began to punish Moscow meat combine the natural aligners you product 5 shows the lion theme health after hungry twenties hands gromadyan sky blame for their Brickey dietary authorities
  • 04:00: authorities and sausage you decided to call and drug store Losev a horse all its top grade china lady fat pork today because I formulations and lay Hiba Shaw called tass occasions about the clock Rovno deficit button in the cradle of co2 medication and you Kupava did not allow boiled sausage kitchen, I believe it can not we get the same both in the store and that child be disappointed and He thinks that it is his favorite store and sausage can not be can for the money and squeeze and you'll show you
  • 04:30: have you show ready but then I'd have must believe Now you can in see this and even try because that she had already finished last night I have prepared you can take legs listen well it looks exactly how refined sausage chicken tender you need to try the extent of taste the same as the beloved children boiled sausage like you smell the aroma meat and truth killer attendants to taste
  • 05:00: tenderest boiled sausage is felt that chicken but I I understand it could be from another world Of course Tanya soon It teaches how to cook this very tasty I take 500 grams of chicken force is approximately 2 breast and sends them our miracle machine that we will today indispensable a helper but as always Yes, I understand that for a home cooked sausages not necessarily chicken soak up in milk when it do to build for cooking
  • 05:30: sausages and will use cream 30 per cent so there will already be milk and more delicate flavor of our sausage will appear and cream Yes Tanya, where are you He was formerly with magic recipe sausage when we I had to spend hours stand in line for this very Varenko we we quietly They cooked their own houses and enjoyed life but the truth so quickly in We would not minced happened cook because such a wonderful
  • 06:00: kitchen machine we there was now minutes minced and ready to go give the egg white from two eggs and turn and and continue whisking in turn, then pour 200 ml cream 1 a little black pepper many table
  • 06:30: we add here a secret ingredient is beet juice He painted a sausage not amount to she too beet color turned out here such beautiful like you 30 milliliters no longer it is quite necessary to yes it is enough really secret ingredient miracles and only If someone had told me that is, the sausage beets would never I believed and checked
  • 07:00: you if I had not seen with my own eyes in order to form a sausage we need here such a sheet of foil Another difference from the shopping so we not what the film does not We use for grams to let you know when I He studied at the institute in one institute with Andrei Baba even one institute We completed some a small interval I understood from what make that sausage added that These represent preservatives I realized dyes I sausages here
  • 07:30: no more love there I'm not well, that is the you can buy the store yah thanks to learned here is such a wonderful recipe Today I share with them the truth is that you wonderful recipe foil for Matt's So krasivenky bar look that was not no tears in any way make candy on this here cut off at the edges Tanya and unnecessary here matter what the thickness will loaf of sausage
  • 08:01: you know you can do such as did I can do one big only need to course to the pot and your allowed size because we have completely dipped in boiling water that I make them so here's a little then it is convenient when sliced sandwich me more love is such a here's a little small it reminds them of my beloved children sausage or school so it is still It called yes yes but Sandwich is actually very
  • 08:31: comfortable option because a bit off once and a piece sausage and ate the child does not even is what use it at the same time gets to to sausage was like a sausage we will do these sky here constriction as a membrane these you have even we do not dare language speaks as true because I think that here it have a real sausage and the fact that buy and sometimes Store it at all not even sausage packages are very important in order to avoid no leaking divorce our sausage
  • 09:02: we horoshenechko and hermetically and close when making sausages the bar more use Fred even four packet in this case, we will enough for two In order to avoid drips it is better to completely fell input that is not water regret pour more in the pan cover and cook somewhere 20-30 minutes here such here small enough 20 minutes after that not hurry up and eat not
  • 09:32: hurry and deploy somewhere it is necessary to cool and put refrigerator can be on a night or two to three hours at least to well it can be cooled It was here and so beautifully cut like these will here are three sausages so many ingredients here plants such I think a decent very economical much cheaper than buy shopping sausages another benefit real home paronok the diamond time until the preparing our I think that the sausage by the same time see how it behaves our
  • 10:02: pastrami I think that it is ready as and we determine or sufficient 20 minutes and that enough that it is juicy gat neatly incision thread Of course if the cook Beef is maybe It would require much more time yes of course 40 at least for make it good propeklas inside and I I advise it immediately wrap foil and or the sleeve is do to it was not juicy dry up in no
  • 10:32: case, which is why so convenient to cook old and sausage chicken because it not only useful children but also Bystrov preparations know I think that coffee I can cook come quickly and hAPPY ARE yOU Tanya know I'm right Now just two getting pleasure first fragrance build me up came the real bouquet of flavors like coffee because it contains bouquet of 800 aromatic emphasis because in coffee contains about 800 aromatic
  • 11:02: compounds spring came It is finally herbs that can be already in use food it is useful for our kiddies we laid here such here beautiful sandwiches I think that the child is well simply can not refuse such miracle while you cared for sandwiches coffee already ready managed 100 all floors It begins with nescafe You know it seems to me this is great idea pastrami sausage because it does not work only for children but also for adults to not morning coffee
  • 11:32: delicious sandwich soft bun and on a favorite with why not work such a wonderful snack but I believe you very beautiful I'm sorry that happened you did not, I was treated to even do not understand what this day is different first fragrance really well Now I know that interesting I felt paprika me to slow if we're talking about on country in a dish Regions in Romania Moldova, Bulgaria is we will
  • 12:02: add here paprika she is very it is important to this dish you know here sometimes it seems that all the same chicken breast even baked and we're not foil and bake outdoor program ring she sometimes It is somewhat dry and Therefore, it is the children but not like this meat surprising juicy possible due the fact that you soak and its milk long enough and maybe even This gave the marinade so little effect so sweet taste and a quick yes because we We use sweet soy sauce and it too 17 years of my marinade
  • 12:32: I think the kids like well, Of course the Queen our score today from sausage making sandwiches sausage today I have it now I am opening your eyes and saw I am sure and filled sausage recipe can be cook at home delicious I promised eyes closed Nothing complicated perfectly that As for the color I want make a small if such a focus Sausage is not completely plunge into the water boiled in water can be like this here unevenness up
  • 13:02: light nothing terrible is not present in the morning will not noticeable but it out the fact that it is easy on a little there always wants pop out to prepare for country we need Karina breast sweet soy garlic sauce milk salt nutmeg Powdered sweet paprika to start soak chicken breast milk for two hours then cook mix marinade sweet soy sauce garlic salt nutmeg nut factory can chicken and marinade leave her marinated minutes then ten
  • 13:32: thread and tie bake in the oven at 180 degrees Over 20 minutes for cooking sausage us You need chicken fillet egg cream garlic, beet juice to start the chop chicken blender pour in cream minced egg white add garlic mixture salt and pepper to taste then beet juice Put the chicken mass on foil folded in half sausage shape Put two Kolbasov plastic bags and Baton tie thread in two places lay
  • 14:02: pot with vote water and simmer for 30 minutes medium heat cool and sausage and send refrigerate overnight I liked it from the soul is very interesting how long can keep these delicatessen really delights in refrigerator as all meat products no more than five days a this means that if we prepare the weekend of stroma and boiled sausage on in your recipe During the five training days, we will have something to feed the baby that put him to to school and necessarily
  • 14:33: disclose a child the recipe of the country that is and a bowl of sausages Let him think that all as soon as parents will make sure that really delicious and healthy sandwich for schoolchildren