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  • 00:00: Hello from Germany I'm happy welcome you to your kitchen today I will cook cheese and donuts I am going to show everything I tell if someone is interesting Stay with me I need four eggs 4 eggs assorted cup here we send 1
  • 00:33: packet of vanilla Sahara send tea spoon of salt somewhere that's where the cat and if you love too sweet donuts then add half of the cup sugar I do not like much sweet so I add two tablespoons spoons of sugar this will be sufficient
  • 01:04: because then these donuts but the grandfather see the jam with condensed milk in general or just sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon or simply pour icing sugar so the dough I not a lot of sugar added here 4 eggs salt and vanillin two tablespoons sugar and this is now necessary whip until such optionally foam to sugar
  • 01:34: It dissolves well in Generally it should be all time to join in homogeneous mass and beaten here was hit little movie had enough And now here cup cooked us to sift 500 gram flour necessarily lost equipment asked and here is the flour at once I send 1 package baking powder
  • 02:04: girl who is Germany baking powder is a bug pulver very often I ask this question that there is no baking powder being replaced once we This cheese donuts I add here a Here curd cottage cheese 500 grams of cottage cheese here I have if you add normal real cheese it will be Better yet, I even love
  • 02:35: when here in these tips found cottage cheese straight Krupin glasses and send Now all this here if you want get the same as the I have the rub all of the creative mixed and persons on More negative and walls how to send flour
  • 03:05: Now the cottage cheese and cottage cheese and left on the tiles Here saucepan and I pour vegetable These oil here donuts in the oven need fryer with lots of butter fat fryer As you know I have
  • 03:38: without oil Well, to get tasty donuts naturally need fry their weight pour enough Lovato somewhere here that's so This oil is heated we continue kneading the dough 500 gram flour at us here
  • 04:09: and 1 package baking powder and all that we here ship and mix and here Here is the dough get now need is very knead well and grandchildren no longer Adds itself if want, you can still hands swept Do spoon to mix and continued here if I wand here
  • 04:40: and is eliminated around afield bubbles means brand and cooking the dough it turns out that's a that's very, very well vyymite not it is necessary to we stood now starting with the right him to work and that I I am doing here with this test it enough if a liquid will exhale add here mean your donuts
  • 05:13: are not as quite lush and good form beautiful donuts hands dirty their hands before of the test is to me too like so I I do so here We send the dough in but not the bag necessarily all Our little oil already overdue
  • 05:43: and vneshke enough big girl cut and I I make the dough in the bag can be even a little still more hole but just do it Then you will know that bathe this bag
  • 06:13: or already use it is not for attachments or will repay and now take scissors dipped their oil and begin squeeze January 2 the size of any one you
  • 06:44: want now see what obtained and donuts Do not forget scissors dip oil and donuts is household size and there one less than 1 nothing much to fat you have not burned if it is well
  • 07:16: is hot can reduce and turn your clean hands and all very easy and Now let's see they all emerge from I'm here even if some stayed there spatula like this and helping here and so their reverses believe that someone this is useful the way and do not need stand hand drive dirty hands is not me
  • 07:46: love and prepared here's a plate napkins We lay it all but on a napkin first to this they then do twirl them like this We need more help to such a beautiful nice to golden color and was in any case to fat was no longer in the oil something there bake that there was no bitterness
  • 08:16: it is very tasty I can try I think that you will then printing tips almost every the output is very it is very tasty gently sprinkle their sugar and cinnamon vanillin or vanilla sugar or icing sugar Resist thin with sour cream or jam raspberry berry any which you have I think that your kids
  • 08:46: They will love and forests and now but follow gold and I agree it is a very fast does not need worthless and twist to invent and the smell is already underway great can not see that they themselves
  • 09:24: naturally revolve they can be prepared Gas at the plate I Now just do it here today to you show as giant had so beautiful tips trained pulling fat on a napkin then if you drain who want dusting I just sprinkle them I leave here so
  • 09:55: because I do not like then when in the hands of you take that sugar year stuck yet something I leave here anyone who themselves are he wants to the sugar woods he sprinkled his such a plate mol Now they are beautiful I obtained I continue today I send the following party and show that get in there Macau and scissors We begin to cut and I declined to plate
  • 10:32: 4 because the tips should in all still fry thoroughly something very shoulder It will take less and I want to break down and show that everything propeklos see floats is very
  • 11:02: it is very tasty gently drag the last tip and I need but shut off the stove I have it for a long time cools down so I take off to the experience that he here I can not burn with a prescription get here
  • 11:32: as donuts very delicate very try delicious cook I think they have to house and take root cook with pleasure and wait health I wish you all Bon Appetit and see you soon on my kitchen until all