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How to bake chicken with oranges and honey in an oven  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I bake the chicken in oven for the purpose of some chicken in the oven I mean it 10:00 ago Marinate ie I rubbed inside and and black pepper and salt and outside seasoning for chicken and I also I caused this seasoning and so on 10 world is not conscience It can even be slightly Well over matter Now today I will lay the oven on before playing spectators in the oven and I know what I'm doing sliced along Points
  • 00:30: lemon and orange in Today I do not have I Evil just slices mandarin and now I will be under the skin of lay the slices lemon and along the body instantly because I put cloves inside and half Lemons I too
  • 01:03: I put here inside often this is not very it will be beautiful I'm very tasty such as incision and specifically cut so I'm under this skin I put one leg and under I put this skin here And so the second leg of the there will fix these paws and from this tuck why I doing so because during that time when will bake I will be her flip though to 20 for I will fly flip that
  • 01:33: I also want to show that I own side neck too here Here lays the slices you can honor Orange Good 0 Mandarin is also the kitchen on a high will take place tastier then one a slice of lemon we can get just like this here not wrap that disintegrate more doing so will alter
  • 02:03: small zagotovochku appointing take a tablespoon of honey and I take somewhere in the same exactly a spoonful of lemon juice then this thing I want it to when the chicken crust zapechetsya to it It was so crisp and beautiful and then not then this is not listed juice honey
  • 02:35: lemon chicken load the youngest participant and I put hot oven previously heated to 200 degrees and so it is in fact already hair horoshenechko I put hot oven 45 or 50 minutes forgetting of course juice may be isolated juice I always will watered and will turn times
  • 03:06: two or three I will move using tweezers Such are almost all you and I will be working assistance turn and so she will satellites and Pictures