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How to make the stun gun in 10 minutes.

How to make the stun gun in 10 minutes.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to everyone in this video, I'll show you how can I make home conditions electroshock portable pocket Of course, the electric shock driver is a little cunning. I will be for voltage conversion Use is already ready for this module constant voltage conversion 6 volt 400 kilovolts it is used for electric ignition gas stoves of gas columns but other gas equipment sold it in china this one I bought the module there link I threw it in the description of the video
  • 00:30: you can go and buy yourself well, and We need a tape of the hard wire zhigalko maybe here is a battery 18 650 standard and a small micro pile troll button and by the way soldering iron and You can also use some tools for we will make with you feelers electroshock for this I'll clean up the old copper wire thick single-core we should get two
  • 01:03: such piece of wire stripped ends Now we attach these wires to the wires or a voltage generator they with the same color and which are both red attach by wrapping method Further places with the coils of key fobs can be well insulate for this I will use heat shrinkable tube and fix
  • 01:34: now on the body with tape or tape now you need to wrap it up properly place fixing with electrical tape we are possible still apply other lining Isolating to me will be enough and then, for convenience,
  • 02:05: this shocker I here solder the button the second contact will also be on the buttons but in one the second wire that soldered the buttons with we clean the reverse side to there was such a small amount bare wire now button
  • 02:35: can be placed on the body in this seizure and reattach it using the same electrical tape unnecessary wires can be laid here and also wrap them with electrical tape to secure them there 's like this button we fixed on The body is further on this bare wire which from the button to the show we lay it down
  • 03:07: Inside the case there is such a recess there are stacked there as close as possible to flatter say so that a lot of large area for these all wire stripped now here we insert the battery remember that this the red was the wire it + the battery us 42 volts We have a plus inside and fix battery with electrical tape and can be last wire up
  • 03:42: So our shocker is almost ready, but in principle on this the manufacturing of the shocker is finished I made sure its fast so quickly and sloppy you can certainly do it's better to wrap it over there better add and what rate to avoid transition to such but that it was more neat look here and behind you
  • 04:12: the last guide is needed will add what to the minus battery and fix it there it is possible do with a piece of electrical tape here and also this tape can be used as a protection carrying stun protection accidental inclusion sealed the minus and worn as needed in the Well, well, of course, there will be light again peel back so you can give button even put off so now we connect a wire we press to
  • 04:45: minus and stick to the electrical tape all The electric shock is ready to work with electrodes that he pierced me this the distance is of the order of two centimeters all can use it here is such a small construction
  • 05:22: the length of its order is 12 centimeters well, I still shine three centimeter lightweight compact here is such a joker all all thanks for watching subscribe to channel write comments while