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  • 00:00: Hello welcome you to my channel with you Elena today we learn to knit pattern checkmark for this we have pizza recruit loops report we have is of 12 loops plus 2 edge loop I I gained 38 loops We begin to knit a preparatory series we are provyazyvaem
  • 00:30: purl loops first distal edge remove and knit purl loops until the end of the first series a number of first distal edge remove and knit 2 facial loops are now we provyazyvaem first third loop for the front a front wall then fourth loop
  • 01:00: front loop, too the front wall We do with you and sc the first and second loop we provyazyvaem together one face of the loop the rear and stenochku Now we get down provyazyvaem third and fourth loop along one face loop for the back wall and we do sc
  • 01:32: provyazyvaem first front front loop and a second face, too front loop loops descends 2 facial loops and to reiterate our report of 12 5 to the end series 2 and all even series we are provyazyvaem seamy
  • 02:02: the first loop removed and an edge further knit purl loops Kim sc provyazyvaem Wrong loop, too the front wall so we'll knit 2 and all even rows a third row of the first an edge loop we
  • 02:32: remove and provyazyvaem our report consists 12 loops provyazyvaem first third and fourth loop with one front loop for back stenochku then do sc provyazyvaem first front facial April 2 loop
  • 03:03: Now a third front loop for the front stenochku fourth front loop for front stenochku sc and first and and a second loop provyazyvayu together one face of the loop and get down and We reiterate our report
  • 03:34: consisting of 12 loops to end near 4 series as well as all our even rows we are knit purl eyelets sc provyazyvaem too seamy loop for the front wall of the knit purl loops to end of the series continue
  • 04:04: knit our thief tick repeating first to fourth knit to the desired number we heights repeating pattern first to fourth we finished the series knit our sample here is a pattern we It turned out pretty tight face Wrong side thanks for all
  • 04:35: Attention if you have questions write in comments Elena was with you bye Bye