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  • 00:00: full story the rivalry of the monastery cleared the Blessed Virgin Mary the miraculous icon by the name of the Shakur of Dominion the monastery is based one and a half millennium back by the emperor Justinian by the command of the Virgin Mary appeared and we are here among the critics spoke the alyabevsky radiance on Sunday, the agency reuters here a long time you came here to hunt
  • 00:31: like the emperor came here once Justinian coffee and learn the names are not who came to watering informatics of hunters from the plan fled it was one of them ran to the rock but now the place of pilgrimage sergei bernacki cross on women she could you depend on whom asked to put on the inscription in Latin for inconstant and innovative development here at home and attention let them gather in the days of matches ahead of the agaevs Emperor Justinian on his territory
  • 01:02: other details and the name was the Mother of God of France where on it has an element to put in Arabic first until the morning she had it on him that is to hunting for them in its own way and so far we have three our so-called trains the given word us still I miraculous
  • 02:06: image attracting many pilgrims this will give a solo concert by an evangelist Wolves before the end of their earthly life it is better to fulfill the request of the rector at the same time, entrepreneurs and oil products and when it brought is now being treated I do not even want to leave this one here. the image tried to leave the monastery but and he could not get out of it as much as he did that's when we said the abbess let this image includes a blessing
  • 02:36: because I can not imagine classes and today this icon of the Halicans is stored in a silver ark every day we pray the front cocorini apple and the organization is suppressed by them my son to keep but remain in which asks for the appropriation if not still not obtained with the help of the Almighty clean room and which is silver area is stored icon Seoul zhku solved and relaxed Numerous mountains of pilgrims from all
  • 03:07: ends of the world in russia pilgrims in this village land there was always enough and each of them Orthodox quarter is close to everything invariably traditional combatants and for Well, the military base is a new enterprise
  • 03:37: this is for you yes the main in many ways in many respects a commercial port we believe the canvas to the head 8 8
  • 04:08: to the United Nations Law of the Sea about some new year but thanks largely to the new album in many respects popova on a new legal regard the game as a saint Petrine and pavel are not available before send a prim for casting 35 years
  • 04:38: pilot from Palestine and the holy tree from Damascus, although they gathered here in this room and then there was still a well here who was right in the sea of ​​the poor operator from it was built with about they were 1200 years ago in the provinces rub the new
  • 05:08: gondola cars he why from many churches did you choose it is Orthodoxy probably because the Orthodox flight family to me currently unknown for me this pathology is not at all but what is most important for you is that the test in the first such chains love any moment of its possible that now
  • 05:38: this story St. Petersburg disks and tires
  • 06:10: through the street from the Orthodox church quarter of Shiite Muslims birthday of the prophet muhammad the same humility before the Almighty are shown here by merciless self-torture Shiite fanatics are sure to 40 percent of all Lebanese profess Orthodoxy and poets are the sources of endless trauma
  • 06:40: they are completely ring the most diverse now then hostile to the money between Islamic currents spiritual community in the long-suffering Lebanon literally squeezing mixed friend with almost all the same there is birthright nikita is a hidden confrontation sometimes results in a crisis mission one of the most cruel
  • 07:10: collisions happened here East when that 106 January portals damask in July 1862 blood was spilled on the streets about six thousand Christians today women and children were sold in slavery to Bedouins Three monasteries of 11 churches were destroyed sacred thousand houses These days they went down in history under the name Damascus substances Thousands of Christians were hidden in pogroms
  • 08:00: rescued above us townspeople with a difficult who lived here in exile heroes fire liberating Motion Auto 1 saved thousands of women and some people, for example, through neighboring Lebanon