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  • 00:00: Hello my Well today I I invite you to do with me soap it will Soap Face green tea one of my favorite still the most simple honest when I wanted to do I like a video for a long time thought begin if nuzhnost theory or start a practice that is Do you need this here theory of types Fundamentals dyes which when used migrate any such do not migrate on oils which are best there Toshio and pillows the like by Additives some but decided that much It will be interesting to all it yourself
  • 00:31: learn to practice general view if you need it even if like you this and then can deepen deepen deepen ie if that is necessary is a theoretical I will do little vidyushki but in principle We'll be with you to study all practice We start simple without any then all layers without we come to him and swirl food layers and to cakes all like that is you learn everything I promise and so we need for today's lesson we will soap from cooking foundation I do not want you yet
  • 01:01: make soap from scratch is is there going to work oils with alkalis there is another level need protection directly customized devices for soapmaking mask and all similar soap basics you You can even cook with the children why this much more interesting and more fun and have something learn even then the first on the First things on the basis of need foundation purchased specialized shop for soap-boiler and she differs manufacturer directly Now view more most popular
  • 01:32: is popular English German ankh is the foundation actually he quality it is the standard of it you get the soap in you have conceived ie it is a different the same parties properties has Yes, I have directly england germany than it differs longer freezes ie if you are a beginner mylovar then you have time to think It stands on that new dts there still add up sex with the English basis is not you need a ride be defined in advance that you will be cooking there are Russian
  • 02:02: Russian Quality I like less China is generally a cat poke down it begins with China and smell and soaps all bones like medium English base by the way foaming I mean that is here if you want more rich foam that You need to add castor oil But at the expense subdivision directly themselves base to the inside already is white already painted dioxide titanium or transparent with
  • 02:33: transparency can to do in principle all that you want you can add transparent dye food beauty that is you will transparent soap but painted, you can paint it white color and can thus then painted in any other, and it will be here opaque color that is the foundation of allows more you honestly vary saying if you often use white color it makes sense buy separately He killed because they sleep too, are different not
  • 03:03: There are a variety of composition is not afraid to It is not all see study where you go to website you are sure to it's all there to see It is based on natural there is organic base with organic oils SLS is not here and it most suitable for person that is when I cook soap for the face I I use only here it is it is the foundation also white and is is such a translucent on yellow light but in the shade
  • 03:34: Basically it on output is just so translucent color let's say that even It is creamy bases red for scrubs swirl swirl it when any such Here squiggles ki interesting and beautiful it means more thick and that is here when the melt Vodicka is something thicker base and he skrabiruyuschy element It spreads easily wring made easy that is, it's just more light
  • 04:04: Yes and more happens here such directly shaped the there is such here's how thunders no domains this shaving foam in something shaving cream that way so I It can also be use for just scrubs mash with a fork pretty good befits skrabiruyuschih elements and dye fragrance free the next element that we need it dye but it Basically you can if you want to omit more fun was you will need Dyes are also probably all different
  • 04:35: I'm still a dye I make a separate video ever because there is migrating there are non-migratory while we cook single-layer soap you You can take any dye cosmetic the food pigment It has everything you want then today I will use beauty green dyes the colors so that we still have need for today's soap natural and when my soap we want make it more useful meaning we We want to enrich it oils today I I will use jojoba oil
  • 05:05: it is excellent for any skin type at this time in Secondly it helps to treat the skin because I do not now! missing something Yes, in principle I combination skin prone to inflammation I prefer use it this oil is a great help fight pimples Plus it does not weigh my skin as well for conducting comet gene but try to beginning for you and I I will still use coconut oil I I never use
  • 05:35: a bunch of a bunch of oil because 100 grams bases can be put where the floor of tea spoons of oil why that way in Otherwise, You will be bad soap foaming at this time Secondly, these oils then act on surface here is a Here droplets such plenochkoj ie it will be very bad so that I never I use large the amount of oil I always it is 2 enough for me means and coconut oil it perfectly clears plus so not quite Filter
  • 06:07: sun but good good property effect has plus It moisturizes but if you overdo it will dry the skin we need the broth Green tea just me here or beginning I brewed milk oolong and we need I I want to add a wee bit skrabiruyuschih elements we will need to hammers in a coffee grinder green tea leaves simple leaves green tea dried ie I tea canteen
  • 06:37: coffee grinder on necessarily naturally need formochka where you will you can fill used as all sorts of cups from under yogurt cheese and all of this and Silicone molds for baking so what is special form soap but start of the simple that you there and I want to add a little bit of flavor we his own soap and I will for this purpose use essential tea tree oil there is a special flavors that is,
  • 07:07: here such here they bottle usually I unfortunately green tea fragrance so I will to use tea but the wood + additional fight the century year inflammation so of course you need some mug bowl Anything where you will melt soap base you you need something and and interfere and you need alcohol spray bottle what you pour the foundation already shape on it formed bubbles
  • 07:37: on the surface to remove these bubbles except for this lot is that only remove these bubbles we need alcohol Besides alcohol become even holds between layers on a this will be the following classroom and in Basically all start first we cut off the the number of base we need to my tins here these experiences exactly 75 grams of soap as the soap with infusion of herbs just kept month ie it need to use at once I'm only doing one I mix Thing on
  • 08:08: I bought their scales Statement special Such are the scales kitchen ordinary kitchen scales the maximum is kilo and I then weigh the number again that I need just left them out last process point and add more we have but by the way very very easy
  • 08:38: you literally cut I do not know in general no sag more than 75 grams other names Werner is a basis I crop the pair of dice cut into cubes for which make it easier to melted evenly that it was all We will catch the window you in a water bath or in the microwave Council to start with you waterbath because that it is easier control process principle
  • 09:08: water bath you You can look in my videos cares cook balms lips or hydrophilic tiles with their hands of glasses so today forming Polish purely for fast you for thing to remember when melting soap basics of the most important it should not Irina mane perry heated and any any case it is not should boil Only soap base You can boil it
  • 09:38: therefore throw better to use not to warm up to us it is not and I send her cat in a mug not metal ceramic and all basis here all try not to if you leave cut except base special and closed and wrapped in some wrapping paper is not packaging film food because
  • 10:09: it is quite simply whether he I need dissolve their I dye such a cosmetic green it looks brown to Green I breed with such a bowls for the beginning I take hot water and I pour quite a little bit why I starting with water because I then I can pour I'm afraid even to steer It does not happen so much twitches I pour
  • 10:39: superfluous to me that is dye waste for nothing from you then I just take spoon literally literally fighting spoon to paint it that is, if I need to I'll add because I just a little bit, they highly concentrated So you see I have not even not all of it has dissolved already saturated Green colour beauty dyes than good and they leave transparent soap,
  • 11:09: they are pretty bright color YIT very pretty busy very green joyous cheerful the colors on the website are not very much like the dye all basically all cooking made no more melt the soap basis and send Krava you shop I advise all the same take advantage of water bath, and all my Melt the base it turns into so we vodichku add oil
  • 11:39: means very I'm a little bit literally at the tip so I add oil coconut and a little that ginger oil in total, I have not exceeded third teaspoons but quickly congeals We read to add
  • 12:10: another spoonful one tea spoon spoon broth slightly less than nothing More worse than terrible never sypte flavor and sypte not drip oil and some flavor before ask how well a little bit otherwise it cool very fast very fast fast fast
  • 12:41: you erode and no sense of this will I add leaves heck I add well hidden can as you want want to use large particles more I added a spoon and all Now mix main issue is wait to when the foundation will just fasten
  • 13:12: It was then and pour otherwise case our skrabiruyuschie elements will quite simply the bottom It is not very convenient I currently less I add the dye the dye can be way to add Special pi-pi wheelbarrows pipette
  • 13:42: Pasteur's such here Gizmo and droplets and literally droplets but now added not, in principle, I want to get pretty debonair that is not green need it if the individual go too far and you It will be colored foam so neatly and drip our flavor if we Sprinkle it earlier than
  • 14:12: it cools well, a little bit will not so hot thin simply erode just fill the form and I added three drops essential oil if all forms were on the mold surface there puzyrechki which coexist alcohol just yet for this we need
  • 14:43: alcohol we all We leave it all cool thing somewhere it takes half an hour maximum once thing freezes then we can safely remove our soap and I you all will show all We froze our many We get out of shape what I love seconds an unexpected fit Tower 2 so if we need
  • 15:15: on the edges and cut off rough some principle can leave and if so want to be cut chemicals and soapy number one that I forgot paint scrub as you can see distributed evenly across Mullah ie it due to the fact that we flooded pretty and It will give them the foundation and Shua second soap that I It flooded very quickly she did not have time
  • 15:45: a little grab therefore scrub It proved to us all and ie the top the bottom but when we twisted ladies when Turn out of this we tins that we be up then soap and more green because but that we dye in principle Knight decoction of green tea it It gives some color it looks it is so even nothing to see everything pretty simple it is much longer all shoot at Herod I will next time ask the help of her husband so he took it all side top bottom
  • 16:15: to make you much more visible here a couple more recipes Soapy like to face the same principle to oat lavender I will place in his blog so that have a look link at the bottom but we you'll see a very soon to new meetings bye bye