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  • 00:00: all good health Today again I want to return to the old the topic of soda on her application the feasibility first application I want to tell words a little show theory in the second movie already we We touch on the practice there how to use it and why why you need so do everything so again a little bit about soda bicarbonate
  • 00:30: sodium or soda It enters as a major ingredient composition our blood this shall be indicated more Roerich cell enters composition of the blood and plasma also smooth to lumpy which is lymphocytes may Court energetically nourishes cells cells responsible of the immune response the body after receiving soda solution in seasonal colds diseases avoids disease in the body
  • 01:00: the role of soda is in neutralizing acids increase alkaline reserves the body maintaining normal acid-base balance in humans index the acidity of the blood ph must be in Normally within 735,747 if the ph at six and Eight is a very acidic blood Acidosis is the strongest there are diseases and with an even greater ph reduction occurs death
  • 01:31: the body eating food soda helps alkalization of blood and its liquefaction in the case is that in the body of course of life accumulating vessels which clogs thick blood in which gradually divorce fungi and parasites our blood is concentrated and spoils mainly eating meat and dairy products artificial good not Rova products alcohol and other
  • 02:01: drugs Substances check ph Blood can simply licking masse fret paper and if the blood It has ph around 5 and 5 is means that the blood thick and matted in raw foodists blood but normal alkaline anyway it from time to time needed contradicted chit for prevention diseases absolutely everyone man eating meat dairy
  • 02:31: products artificial refined products after 30 years inside corrodes mold fungus in such raw foodists no problems since plant food creates an alkaline Wednesday in blood soda Acidosis destroys it bias acid-base balance in the body toward acidity cause of acidosis are poisons in food and water and air drug pesticides Sotho destroying acidosis increase the alkaline
  • 03:01: body reserves shifts acid-base alkaline balance in the Aside this ph approximately 7.45 and more healthy body for indigestion It generates much alkaline digestive juices digestion duodenal It occurs in the intestine alkaline environment horror normally has alkaline ph 5-8 and 5 family secret colon It has a strongly alkaline brush among equals 8 and 9
  • 03:31: series 90 with a strong acidosis horror becomes sour ph equal 6 instead of 669 rules 5 and 7, 8 and 5, this impairs digestion that leads to organism poisoning bad food indigestion the formation of stones in liver and gall bladder and intestines kidney in an acidic environment quietly live worms pinworm roundworm
  • 04:01: tapeworm and others alkaline environment they perish in an acidic body saliva acidic ph equal again and 7 or 6 and 7 that It causes slow destruction of enamel teeth all night the body's saliva alkaline ph equal family 2-7 and 9 and teeth destroyed soda neutralizes excess acid increased alkaline body reserves It makes alkaline urine which facilitates the work kidney
  • 04:31: saves glutamic amino acid prevents deposition of stones kidney wonderful soda property is that it excess easily deduced kidney alkaline 2 urine for reaction improve absorption Soda and from the gut and can be taken hot milk gut soda react with amino acids milk Che's image and sodium salt amino acids that lighter than soda absorbed into the blood
  • 05:01: I raise alkaline body reserves for fight against Ascaris pinworms apply amine but more thing and pyrazine supplementing it with enemas soda ash used for poisoning methanol, ethyl alcohol formaldehyde karbofosom chlorophos white phosphorus fast finam fluorine iodine mercury and lead to smoking cessation mouthwash thick soda solution or
  • 05:31: smearing cavity soda mouth saliva soda placed on the tongue It dissolves in saliva and disgusted tobacco when smoking Yes for small to avoid disrupt digestion for poisoning methanol internal daily soda dose reaches 100 grams of this guide therapist 1969 page 468 for correction procedures for administered 3-5 grams
  • 06:01: soda a day is a book Moszkowski drug 1985 means that No. 2 Page 113 alkaline condition unacceptable for of worms and other parasites they simply die in it large doses of soda water is not absorbed and cause diarrhea and used as laxative alkaline environment is not broken tooth
  • 06:31: enamel Draw your own conclusions about to arrest which causes is acidic saliva it ph5 and 7-6 and 7 further strengthened vestibular the device is improved attention soda It helps dissolve stones in the liver and gallbladder and kidneys and intestines curing bile stone and urolithiasis and it is still far all with the help of baking soda
  • 07:01: conducted prevention radioactive infection appear radioactive isotopes and metals including mercury cadmium bar with lead soda assistance leaching and dissolve pathological deposits in spine and joints and cures sciatica arthritis rheumatism Gout Rostec andarz and many others disease Soda ash cancer cures
  • 07:31: successfully treat any cancer, and dissolved injected into the body and intravenously put lotions Iraq in the short term It disappears into the secret all a matter of the environment or ph hydrogen indicator at birth, he is seven point forty-one hundredth of a man dies from 5 whole index forty-one hundredth of a dash 5 and 5, that is, on the whole life he devoted only two units
  • 08:01: normal condition internal fluid lu human earlier slightly alkaline sour Wednesday it enabling environment for Wild Growth bacteria cancer cell cancer arises while reducing hydrogen figure to 5 values for forty one hundredth the biggest activity lymphatic cells to destroy cancer shown at ph equal to 7.4 but typically around cells cancerous there are over acidic environment that
  • 08:31: prevents activity lymphatic cells according to Italian doctor Sim rank tumor It is a fungus which grows the body which arose oxidative stress metastasis is fungal fruiting body Image matured mycelium metastasis detached and spread throughout the the body is still weak place and grow again and the weak point is the
  • 09:02: acidic environment in different body inflammation in organs and systems it turns to cure cancer and to prevent it We need to maintain the body specific environment alkaline and soda in this sense, it is very good for white alkali blood so she effective against Cancer of course at severe diseases I only use soda unlikely to recover get here necessarily need A complex approach
  • 09:32: let's say some research showed that the momentum and received from cancer cells brain viewed as an impulse holiday motors ie injury or equal to, and starts treat them to feed glucose resulting to heal and resorption wounds and hematomas but in the case of ANCO and so increase cancer cells so the milk sugar and all kinds of meat
  • 10:03: to exclude emphasis on vegetables especially red it's apples and carrots cabbage or still it's all done individually ie in other words you need listen to your body to the state of health vegetables on finding clean and opportunities in any case not modified and in severe in addition to diseases soda consumption needed A complex approach This change in diet way of life habits
  • 10:34: thinking emotional state other than the court should be used Other techniques recovery naturopathy in starvation visceral therapy and other modern research soda consumption among men there is an wrong opinion sometimes supported and doctors that frequent long soda intake has negative impact on job mucosa stomach and techniques and
  • 11:04: people with reduced acid-forming function of the stomach, or it is a valuable state it is contraindicated that is wrong proved laboratory research on department of physiology humans and animals Gomel University in 1982 year about the impact on the judge acid formation work mucous stomach it It happens to us dogs with scalloped stomach empirically confirmed that
  • 11:34: bicarb It possesses acid neutralizing actions not It has not exciting not inhibitory effect on sour excretory stomach function therefore welcome soda may be recommended for any condition the acidity of the stomach into the including the gastritis with low acidity boards 100 nomic point of view, represents cationic compounds sodium anion and bicarbonate when administered in Iran
  • 12:05: actively involved in correction acid-base balance proved that is capable of soda align acid-base balance in the the body restore metabolism cells to improve oxygen uptake tissues and prevent loss of life needed potassium Help the soda at heartburn at sea illness for colds at heart diseases and headaches at skin diseases in many heavy diseases in
  • 12:36: cells and tissues the body observed acidosis or acidification the body's lack of potassium cations excess sodium that leads to suppression energetic biochemical metabolic processes in cells decrease oxygen uptake decrease viability as a every cell and the whole body positive zara left guides action soda unique in the a result of applying a soda
  • 13:06: cells restored and increase biochemically and energy processes increases hemodynamics and oxygen uptake tissues resulting to improve health and disability to These conclusions have come physicians at the Department therapy center Institute improvements Doctors in Moscow is solim chuk Schulz other magazine therapeutic Archive number seven 1976 year and number seven 1978
  • 13:38: year who studied application bicarbonate with sodium chronic glomerulonephritis pyelonephritis chronic renal failure intravenous and rectal ways that caused able to change patients health increasing number of excretory kidney function increase glomerular reduction filtering blood pressure decrease Residual nitrogen in a decrease in blood
  • 14:09: edema in severe jokes obtained good results treatment inside blood the introduction of the solution soda in practice observed cases rapid and active relief of edema light heavy over infarction after infarction intravenous introduction of 4 percent solution soda noted positive court action at motion sickness or seasickness sodium hydrogencarbonate increases stability
  • 14:39: vestibular the analyzer to action angular acceleration inhibiting rotation and not the serial it will Suta Veselov space medicine and aerospace medicine number three in 1978 magazine year positive the effect of soda consumption caused increase consumption tissue oxygen normalization activity Cardiovascular increase system sodium and chlorine cut
  • 15:09: determined that sodium hydrogencarbonate It has a clear kalisberegate properties held oversee indicators and general biochemical Blood analysis after receiving a three-month soda with Valerie, she remarkable increase in both the total quantity leukocyte and directly lymphocytes responsible for the state of the cell immunity to 37 percent biochemical analysis He showed an increase electrolytes to
  • 15:39: receiving soda figures were somewhat reduced and level up protein to the upper backpack norm for no food in diet of meat and fish products for 7 years, and once again recall Areas of use soda is losing weight with using soda treatment alcoholism smoking cessation treatment of all types addiction and substance abuse prevention and cancer treatment elimination of organism Sens cadmium and mercury Italy
  • 16:09: hang and Bar their heavy metal administration radioactive isotopes from the body prevention radioactive the body's infection leaching dissolution of all harmful deposits in joints and spine stones the liver and kidneys have treatment sciatica osteochondrosis arthritis of gout and rheumatism urolithiasis gallstone dissolution of the disease stones in the liver and gallbladder intestines and kidneys purification of the body
  • 16:41: to gain attention concentration balance and progress unbalanced children cleansing the body of toxic substances developed with irritation anger hatred and envy and doubt dissatisfaction with each bad feelings in man's thoughts such additional Information about soda I did not repeat what I was talking about soda in the previous film that you can become acquainted separately of soda but it Only theory
  • 17:13: practical application of pitfalls do or not do in more detail the there is already a practical of you and discussed in the next film but now bye bye to new appointments be healthy