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  • 00:00: now we are with you we pass to the fact that can be combined absolutely contrasting color as I have said colors that color wheel harmonious color combinations are located opposite friend eg blue-violet and yellow-orange a wonderful general combination which is very looks great and such products are very
  • 00:31: it is generally look compared with so much more pastel tender tone all depends of course from the result which you want reach a final the end this we have several give them for example combining red and green as well as very winning and combination when make a red rose and not green leaves very impressive looks contrasting colors with this one color delineate a friend also interesting
  • 01:02: a color scheme is achieved if mentally conduct color wheel equilateral triangle it can give place lover or an isosceles world as the next slide difficult in another the effect is the same that the trauma built that from isosceles triangle therefore we use such are the combination such as chewing and strong 2 such red-violet also very impressive our
  • 01:33: products in this case every color is very harmonize with each other friend and gently emphasizes his so you can reach by reach stunning results from sewing also harmonious a combination of harmony is considered four colors We need hold with you such thoughts quadrangle is may be the most or square principle There is no difference and 4 colors that will be on top
  • 02:04: our quadrangle will be the most ideal combination of which give very good peaceful you bought yellow-green yellow-orange red tips wonderfully the same combination I advise you to experiment and try be sure various combination maybe you discover what then a new process we paint not that did it beautifully not seeking God fascinating occupation and last combination of which
  • 02:35: it is also considered the most harmonious it is harmonious when is combined 6 colors with these happiness is possible for myself to find out if mentally conduct hexagon and so way 6 colors which are on top a hexagon will be too maximally the best way mate with one another other harmonize with our here for example as well as data fantasy flowers very in harmony
  • 03:06: are combined various shades as you see turned out very wonderful effect i I think so is the flower may come up absolute for any your attire for example it will be by the way most often customer like fantasy flowers which can be worn girlfriend and died the outfit is such a combination where the combined happiness is enough selective do now
  • 03:36: we now have wonderful cheat sheet it table harmonious colors and shades and not far away The table you will see what color with which it is best to combine at the same time you do not need will already lead hexagons triangles I will do it if you are much easier to solve prepare such a nameplate