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How to increase newspaper tubules and to make them elastic.  See details »

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  • 00:00: a hello today very little advice frequently asked questions about the fact why you tube But when myagenkie you come to think they are soft comfortable and how to weave you moisten them so I It has been based on experience so many masters which I read to you
  • 00:31: I use actively this experience and I want to start weavers tell how moisturize tubes you need to weave already understood tubes slightly damp world cheesy Penkina their He calls this interesting words vodka here Vovka We heard this word Tony and not wet and not dry something in between closer to dry more than the lump that's so tubes more convenient just weave ideally of course weave or after painting but very
  • 01:02: seldom turns guess right the number of tubes usually they are lying for some time and when reach them again hands they are already too dry them in this case fed to erase particularly on a site you this question very much discussed Here you girls shared their advice which I you now retell the easiest option if you let me some time I I know that now half hour public here and I take
  • 01:33: let there tight tubes and dry just sprinkle them Here in plain water me out of air freshener Now create a container another wiggled a little bit and gelatin pay I try to focus edges strongly touch that is, I have Here's to the middle I wet the part and
  • 02:03: I put at least 5-10 minutes, they em and has much to weave more convenient than dry a second version Here cling I plet and so do I. tubes likewise I moistened and wrapped Please Mum attention to the tips in
  • 02:34: I drier wet here. they are wrapped and I was at weaving on one pulling tips for dry capacity more or less say and is not softened name convenient to increase and the whole middle, pretty wet It has important I soaked here preserved especially in the hot season or when running if their batteries
  • 03:04: just leave ducts not so dry or in any package cloth we maintain and weave such tubes and another an option especially for those who live in places or rather cold but who in the cold time of the day in general that all can be stored rolls in the package here slightly nedosushennye Your colored dried and here they are wet we place them in a bag and bring to the frost on
  • 03:34: frost can be keep quite they are not there for a long time begin to mold if you store them in warm temperature package wet it through some two or three days, but they begin dreamed therefore undesirable and they will be in the cold a long time in such a condition which which in any time can be recorded in and start weave immediately nothing as they do not moisturizing all I wish to
  • 04:04: After these students your weaving was more comfortable hello today Another video of the Board how to build tubules increase they can be several ways and I will, too, I use different his work well here recently I tried country artists I see generally any one master advises build such
  • 04:36: I tried and this advice more than just like I want share it with you so we pletom comes to an end tubes these tips I want to also tell how to get rid of white neprokrasov Look here hard to see me tubes still rather monotonous But on these colored evident that we have to
  • 05:06: ducts places where we glue glue there's such lighter tubes and they work stand out well usually if it a difficult job monophonic they interfere with accuracy work so here in this manner building can also kill two birds with one stone and get rid of these neprokrasov and gently increase tube, see here we're running out tube we come
  • 05:36: until the end, and here that's light on it hard to see but in fact make the same neprokras here it we if we look drank more, we would brought tube and so here She was laid up the we need to have to do so increase there's a here or here junction bottom purl They carried a side but this is where you in the midst of mke so what we do simultaneously remove
  • 06:06: neprokras nightstand and building up of the party where neprokras on we do not have this side is neprokras and then weave look no visible place the same interface here is the following tube is my propleli to see what's next We went neprokras of it need
  • 06:36: get rid return We are doing so oblique Here oblique and pretty a long incision to our next tubule I went as possible deeper and look at the We will have a joint place just on at intersections ducts its
  • 07:06: hardly see nor from the front is not not from outside seamy side again the same Here we process I went went end tubes with light that's part of the here and so about it at we will go return make a long plait snip wider part in general, is not the same
  • 07:37: Well, that part of the where no paint over dress and a straw We are trying to bring here instead of the compound at your crossroads tubules same We do not have well turned out, I I can Scourge tubes moisturized we have to humidify we know neatly pair
  • 08:07: which they carefully have increased and we continue to work thus places we have no connection It can be seen at the same time removes neprokrasy from our weaving I wish you all good luck and Thank you so much master of the halls accumulated experience