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Preparation of a custard. Gentle, tasty, simple recipe of preparation  See details »



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  • 00:00: a greeting to all today I will cook custard and its I want the recipe share with you dear viewers custard we I'm his favorite very often I cook using it in a cake Napoleon or any PIROZHENKO or just so you can eat as a dessert about a cup of sugar We are trying to drive a 2 eggs well rub the
  • 00:37: Now pour in a little milk We take the milk boiling and add 4 spoons mound of flour, we were Lille first
  • 01:11: a little milk, stir for that was not lumps and then choose the rest of milk peremeshaem that's all Now pour rest of the milk stir and put our cream will have stir constantly
  • 01:53: because he will gradually thicken so that it is not burnt does not stick it is necessary to stir here is our cream thickens we constantly Stir and bring it nearly to boiling So you see it already a steel blank
  • 02:23: here are a couple of bubbles and can be switched off Now I add on blade tip vanilki well tablespoon
  • 02:58: butter and stir our cream ready here are turned snacks from Ljubuski share your commentary subscribe to my
  • 03:29: channel will be glad share with you your recipes and put the Huskies dizlayki yet