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Video lesson 4. We spin basket walls from newspaper tubules. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day today we have 4 lesson for him need any high reliance on that we put upside-down violation form weaving here I am living Petrov vongole it famously that dropped me bedplate to suit I laid her Our wicker. Well, it is desirable to further
  • 00:32: it is desirable to she does not orzala I went up and down the I lay precisely profitable top even heavier any muse natural example made jar glass spread ground metal balls 1 and compactly and hard enough wool doors pas and it will be put when embroidering and proceed as We are going to the weaving wall here I am now Now let's turn
  • 01:03: so here's a closer look to be seen and will begin to weave this side of it at we Wrong side Here in this bedplate state this the parties will have It is seen from the inside than so all ugly junction seam sticks we we hide on the outside here our the parties do not under stand and this post is here now For example here, this tube we still enough
  • 01:33: prominent but this should be already on the increase and increase my google do not brown as well bright white do This is precisely cut off to search for here here at the rack level take light tube insert here or if it is bad
  • 02:09: it becomes necessary conversely cut here is the Now this tip make it very narrow adhesive grease and put here a the end of the white habits when you live well here This joint was on
  • 02:42: level rack and inner will video about this here product side treason and can be seen and so everything is fine and continue to weave rope just Just as we did with bottomed last stage clothing one rack the same career topmost sure Now from this and covered
  • 03:14: it's gone down and it It came out of thought We continue to do the same going in circles so once again show slowly to you traced all move because then I'm going to do We need faster It is less clear Here we tubes covered now the upper rack I went under the following
  • 03:44: what we get and also we place on the following and she immediately goes down it seems to faithfulness you see all the stitches have all Here's the cut and go to same direction right to left, is not blind attitude towards me from right to left from top to bottom, and so continue This is how the case to
  • 04:27: put lower We laid it on the counter I went under the wall moved it here so she went to Rack and subsequent We got in she lay on link mind from the head or you need seen without comments onions in Malaga you actually I realized for still and I wove on the bottom of a range of not now just fixes
  • 04:57: received from a guest tubule here I want to make
  • 05:43: retreat such a small a comment here is my turrets and came it excluded the place where we inserted the first tube see bypassed a Now it's circle that turned out fine and now given that our number stands an even we are took 6 and 6
  • 06:13: tubes each tubes 25 Pine network grandfather 12 tubes means all 24 have It happened 24 racks when an even number such education bedplate always number of links It turned even have other ways of This too is in more courses ways which gives odd sometimes we you need an odd but the amount of costs here is a way to giving up an even the number of posts and so when we
  • 06:43: pletom like this grief multicolored tubes have it turns out that picture we Today achieve well say we see on white back It is white if we could an odd number racks pass stitches alternated on and each time with each round this here is white band shifted to and forming a spiral and so we have every White stitch will blur each
  • 07:13: brown demise So I see you proplela 5 rows two different tubes different colors and reached to a very important moment yet years in the arena commented because even do likewise As shown in in
  • 07:43: the beginning and the special no comments so I needed This is all proplela camera and now I I reached the moment that does not It has to comment The fact that I We began to run a longer stand here This should be considered It shows this tube is shorter and so unless it is necessary and a little Here she lived such tiny length remaining time has come build up and you some things I do should show well in
  • 08:14: First I remove the timber May our tower a separate form because the increase it that way at the same time I can tell you show how It looks from the inside well about the same as outside only carefully because you feel hid from this side like this I grow in the rack first as soon as they
  • 08:46: We began to run as soon as one I came to moment when it is time to dota build up steam Chiva but by other It may be doing somehow different me also adapt section is for all here to shorten this village cut off as you can see but sideways and trim
  • 09:40: And now they have in this condition were so shorn Now I'm doing this way I do not take tube that future This visa y and now no longer in the viscosity of clearly under right angles to means in this we confusing ship delight of behold small stands that I
  • 10:12: gathered ramp day of flax seed yet how I would pile up twice Tapan sticking Video and I put this here's cut end right here is such a such at Vinci no movements and I try to hide between the tubes so she came here But in this king following exactly the
  • 10:44: is it something that just that our and signaled that it's time to cut off all not withdrawn smeared cut crust and We put on the Neva when wind the I try to put it between vines tubes like this, and so do with all this is how you
  • 11:16: I see increased its all racks heated and now our future schemes have here such inside view but we do it again turn over and putting a little shape and we continue to do the same thing only now with the new racks weave on the form how we dictates
  • 11:47: form of see what more good news is that we We put our form Now on the hill we have increased rack they have not abut do not get confused in the table is not prevent us fluid pressure I did not put the load I will continue
  • 12:19: show comment already once before when there some kind of monster yet we continue all the same dream, and after but this spit level, and if desired men make up thing if tired before you can do it flatter finer here I I stopped at this at such a height and how we see the last 2 I went through a series of simple
  • 12:50: white tube accurately but in the same weaving just a white tube you can pass the latter species brown You can not do anything change and leaves two tube well, I Now it seems that this from framing monotonous edge will be better look yet all