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  • 00:00: Good morning, dear TV viewers today the same topic propagation by cuttings but you completely and unusual plant we usually party they otsazhivayut some there basal processes but the thing is that here it is this Sometimes the plant is not It represents an amount basal I'm talking about the processes raspberries here this variety cap of Monomakh Unfortunately the first 2-3 years almost does not
  • 00:31: processes but also and she wants to divorce it was too good it tasty and sweet it is dark pink it It reminds me of something similar to the news Kuzmina because the news from I have it all the classics but at the Cap of Monomakh berry longer but They are not here this taste of turnip who suffer very large berries you such as Generalissimo well beautiful berry but extraordinary 0 Maroseyka not tasty berry can be it can be frozen
  • 01:02: decorating desserts but such a raspberry foundations through mine hardly anyone else come up here this Raspberry is very similar like why we say of cuttings only because it the only way razmozhit and quickly I look frustrated its top is Now top plants have ripens to its growth intensive Well, not so great in June, so as to of grafted raspberries Well of course you need
  • 01:32: remove excess leaves she could not bear so the leaves in the ie it should not be able to not feed not drink and of course are cut off tomato growth point it is not necessary to remove It must work out to the branch It continued to grow here these two sheets green factory which will be work out to form the root system here to everything turned out as we We want but I gather by smoother here
  • 02:02: see was leaves there was also leaves and that we the root system I developed more and take urgent part of secateurs I make bars combustion scratch the stand raspberries along the stem and across and along the breaking only the top of his part we do this all plants are not very They want to produce form if it is to take in IAA there line and guys root or process will then be yes but how
  • 02:33: but more interesting Yet here it is Regarding this formation and growth longer want but this breed of rose will already non-grafted Rose was then do this to they gave after you have done two millimeter selection blow out stem about 40 5 maximum ie centimeters from node to node leafy and learn Now we send water It can be in the solution for 24 hours and then in both
  • 03:03: to expose it is desirable to rain there is no water salts is not Kafka is they will not prevent and guys formation see more here plant must in the water just enough to how much do you sampling We passed this one cutting its lower part because the upper part should not be it in water very quickly starts behind I suppose so if you still You have some sort unusual and you
  • 03:34: I want them to breed please use my good advice from node sheet to learned from that here this part Now blow out the selection more here intensively appear roots where were the leaves of sinuses necessarily Roses are particularly at they are in a vase and then out such beautiful sprout it able to release roots sight top and we cut that's all I wanted you
  • 04:04: tell today All the best to goodbye and all of your questions ask on the phone hotline