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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I'm here today. I want with you share a secret how to bake shortcakes for cake with a smooth not as it always turns out that the middle rises more and the edges remain lower We will need to take baking dish to cover paper for baking also we need make the edges too
  • 00:30: paper for baking if you know what you have you will not get skin above the edges of this do not need to we need this two such strips turn off in reverse side mold edges any oil in order
  • 01:00: so that the paper a little bit not stuck can be do it vegetable oil you can also take creamy strip and glue mugam I usually have a dough rises higher edges so I will increase while in order to the cake rose evenly we isolate the edges of the mold for this we need foil
  • 01:30: so that she completely our form on the middle of the foil we unfolding a napkin is pruned that she was such same length as foil fold it in half to the middle then to this napkin we
  • 02:03: pour a little water and add them up the edges of the foil a little bit we fold from both sides quite a little bit
  • 02:35: and wrap our shape around and the edges we connect
  • 03:07: a regular paper clip clip is desirable take the iron form pour the dough into form foil wet napkin does not will quickly heat and therefore dough will be evenly rise and at the expense of it will turn out Smooth surface test now we are the dough we remove to the oven in advance
  • 03:37: heated to 160 degrees I have it common biscuit dough in usual form she bakes at 190 degrees 20-25 minutes from isolated I will be bake this dough on 160 degrees somewhere about forty minutes it is very important if you isolate the edges then the degrees you make smaller and bake longer that's all the cake is ready he baked me 45 minutes as you see
  • 04:07: surface it turned out exactly of course use I'm here so it I hope my advice was helpful thank you very much for viewing and up to new meetings so far