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❤ the Openwork pattern spokes for a jacket. Openwork pattern. #ВязаниеСпицами from Lana Vi  See details »

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  • 00:00: scheme to the openwork the pattern can be obtained on my blog please go link first row circuits and facial loops 3 Row 7 loops garter matings 1 nakida 3 facial loop then loops 3 together one face for 2 of the first loop and
  • 00:30: sweet like this way you see the needle in the opposite clear direction knit one front and pull it through shot loop so mean front loop always will lie on top then 3 facial loop 1 sc and finish
  • 01:01: 7 number of facial loops Garter after edge 7 Garter loops knit knit facial report openwork pattern 1 front loop sc 1 2 Right now the loop three loops facial
  • 01:31: for hydrochloric provyazyvat of this notice Attention turn every of loops like this way back return on needle remove them the opposite direction provyazyvaem front and the third stretch shot through the loop 2 loops back face 1 after the front nakida 1 7 edge loops
  • 02:01: Garter and facial cross our 2 the two facial loop the first face 2 Loop we remove reserve before work provyazyvaem following facial 2 return shot
  • 02:32: provyazyvaem their so facial way tilt left one face and now criss-crossing the loop, tilting the right 2 facial loop We leave for work 2 facial provyazyvaem return shot and provyazyvaem their two facial
  • 03:02: concludes Garter Thirteenth series of all 15 loops facial series repeat as the 11 it turns out that's a shaped edge repeat rapport with first row Thank you for attention leave tips in Insert comments huskies and subscribe to new video