How to prepare birch bark

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  • 00:00: Andrew Honeybee rumor sound in itself the market is tidying up birch how do we have grandfather and rip off the bark so I do weave in boat by old grandfather traditions we first clearly and a drop a year does not die try it
  • 00:30: it is at this swampy terrain that it was accurate such a damp birch that's how we all are here we are yes, that is marshy score taiga such mountains and foothills this is the Kuznetsk alatau here apiary literally here in our country how many turns out kilometer and a half yes this is our tour laughs there today to
  • 01:00: we have tourists here arrived fell a little on record goes I will not catch up who does to us
  • 01:47: village who needs what who has adapted makes Tula birchbark there know for all sorts of kettles but we, too, sometimes we do because tea day cyprus in and insist but more of course specialize in boats of birch bark boats they are very 45 kilograms are convenient the weight of three adults lovers of men withstands simply it is convenient to do this we do not get it
  • 02:20: do we heat cream yoga yoga is not we heat birch bark in we get here wasteless production of a circle it hurts this crown we shoot therefore share up to the tree It does not harm a because it is removed only the top layer then it's all over again the hand grows masters how many already
  • 02:51: it took the cortices order this these sources for you to them too take this crown for myself here for boats in mostly this way is ancient way more grandfather's birch specially birch is selected
  • 03:21: best of course which you are in raw place is growing so raw until she was wet to birch bark was such awkward and soft cornflower the master at us on all man hand hatches a family comment on removes video andrey we live in the taiga not just taiga political outback where exiled most bins politically
  • 03:52: undesirable people so here we are were born grew means with some new principles plus old these are our different means ancient customs and traditions all this absorbed a very monarchs it's patriarchal life styles strict hierarchy no it says autocracy machine obey senior and what do you recommend? you must always start families and will end
  • 04:22: it's all the state Andrew we have trouble deaf Siberian taiga collect bark for vodka do vodka birchbark fish hijack swim the building building of a flow perfectly inaccessible places then there is here where we are live means in canada in Canada there is already this same on this latitude and
  • 04:52: already permafrost in Canada where here birch bark for a year we live honey northern here is this honey especially useful honey from him remedies for several orders of magnitude higher than allowable take there south midas some there yes we have because the climate severe honey shake a lot his bee is very richly ferment its microelements and as our ancestors treat seriously that is all thoroughly with approach such know
  • 05:24: not feeling sorry for himself or herself their so that everything works out but we have a right as it is necessary to everything turned out to be did not know then various defects all clearly it was useful tasty and rationally here in sibiri like this we live such a taiga here everything is clear ecologically there is nothing rubbish that's how baldeem birch bark area
  • 05:58: to meet with bear and go to the city is coming come to city know the first what in the city surprises what surprises the city when not exhaust gases do not know it there industry is not some kind of there are advanced technology and surprises firstly how disturbed hierarchy as means younger command the elders
  • 06:28: that's it no respect not to old people do not have dinner to husbands where will you go what kind of supermarket are you know supermarkets recently I go everywhere visa screaming only heard as a woman see on their peasants but we certainly have village sip so screech immediately shot her and herself and and I would be in first priority amazing to what of course they live here and so removes the birch tree is like this that's what is being done the incision is so deep
  • 06:59: you are like this gradually all this occurs glow for boats do birch bark boats we live in taiga honey shake the moonshine we make mead birch-bark boats in city ​​if there is we are so surprised
  • 07:29: of course we are surprised life there is your this urban to what she has already reached what it is came to know that wives and husbands home not if they come after 12 nights here before was a week ago was in the city means come there to one a friend but he does not tell such a story says neighbor in
  • 08:00: adjacent entrance Hanged himself on the door the handle in the entrance of the wife home did not let him took the hang of himself door handle describe his fool is a fool here do not know what do with these women where to run from them to the UN hangs on it not let you are imposed waiting while he is going at all as a holiday husband arriving at his month may not be and we also have village so if the husband said his wife then nobody has a threshold step over and here she is
  • 08:30: go you know in guests of communism The threshold will not come transitions and so shout out from there and for it from behind the door there greetings how are you let me out there anything tell me how to approach a she is spoken to, well, you no no no husband does not allow threshold cross and of already two weeks at home no on earnings where then there is a forest in the taiga crippled [music] and this is our boat the most chassis
  • 09:00: from birch bark in one person and not suck birch bark boats than it is good that they are very the lungs get wet key to the feet together yes andrey honey in the apiary taiga long apiary that's how we are we go hunting Fishing only here we are here pancake, too, now sample Well, fine so in this
  • 09:35: now also try with one hand weight up to here pay attention boats which we have after all and holds one hand boat of birch bark five people calmly go