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Frivolite. We spin a bracelet. - YouTube

Frivolite. We spin a bracelet. - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: The bracelet consists individual elements. I already did first element And now i will show you, how to combine first element with second Start to weave first ring Weave ten knots, picot. Five knots, add beads in picot. Five knots and for next picot we join elements. The second to the first
  • 00:30: so And finish to weave ten knots. And tighten the ring.
  • 01:14: I connect big bead now, because i don't like interweave it, so Take a big bead Really don't like to interweave it :) Put on clip move it away
  • 01:58: And start to weave next ring Second ring, 10 knots, picot, 10 hooked
  • 02:38: Connect in same picot Continue weave 10 knots And tighten the ring.
  • 03:33: The third ring... Move beads And weave the ring
  • 04:03: 10 knots Join in same picot
  • 04:38: Weave 5 knots Move beads
  • 05:15: 5 knots Picot and 10 knots (ah)
  • 05:53: (click-click) And tighten the ring. So, 4th ring: 10 knots, picot, 10 knots connect
  • 06:54: And continue weave 10 knots Tighten the ring. so
  • 07:31: The 9th ring: weave 10 knots Connect And join to previous element in free picot Weave simple ring by scheme 5 knots, move beads,
  • 08:14: 5 knots picot 10 knots Tighten the ring.
  • 08:47: Now we have 2 elements together After that we join big bead pass the hook pull the thread remove the clip After we cut off the bread and hide the tail
  • 09:24: Now 2 elements together After that weave next element and connect it by same way Central flower It is woven in the same wa I weave a little to not wastte time. We connect it to free picot, it's.. the 9th ring And weave the ring again. Don't forget,
  • 10:05: if you intoweave big bead after first ring. Put it on thread. 5 knots, picot, 10 knots
  • 10:38: Tighten the ring. And connect the big beat Central
  • 11:25: We weave central flower now and so continue make the ring 10 knots
  • 12:05: connect Tighten the ring.
  • 12:57: Central.. ...flower we will have 8 big rings and 8 little rings moving beads and weave the big ring make 10 knots
  • 13:49: connecting 5 beads picot + 5 knots picot
  • 14:26: 10 knots Tighten the ring. Weave the little ring 10, picot, 10
  • 15:04: In central flower when we weavethe big 8th ring don't forget to connect it with the first ring And weave last 10 knots
  • 15:50: Tighten the ring. So, and the last little ring: 10 knots, picot, 10
  • 16:25: Connect it to
  • 16:59: between big rings Weave 10 knots Central flower is done!
  • 17:39: You can start from the center, as you wish. as you like Cut off the thread and hide After we will connect elements of right side in reverse direction.
  • 18:11: Start to weave the next element (in reverse direction) Weave ring, first ring, 10 knots and connect it to picot of central flower Here, look carefully. And continue
  • 18:51: weave full element move beads weave 5 knots picot
  • 19:27: And 10 knots Tighten the ring I connect big bead now
  • 20:00: Weave by the same way, like all previous elements Ten (10)
  • 20:35: picot, ten knots At the last 9th ring I will show how we connect to the central flower Element is done. The last 9th ring: 10, picot, 5, picot, 5 And to picot we connect to the central flower Weave last ten knots
  • 21:17: Tighten the ring.
  • 21:59: oh (uninformative russian speech) here And connect the big bead again. Remove the clip
  • 22:43: And tighten the thread Here an element Weave 2 elements in the same way Well
  • 23:14: we connected last elements And we get the result At back side big beads Because i made bracelet, it will be a barrette I will connect it on barrette If you want to make barrette central flower and 3 elements will be enough On bracelet I made 5. It depends on thickness of the your wrist. See for yourself.
  • 23:47: So, I show the scheme to you again. Good luck in your work. If you have any questions, let me know. All the best