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It became known in how many childbirth of children Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin managed  See details »

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  • 00:00: how much money hacked the surrogate Mama you were twins for the allay powdery this issue probably given everyone who is now discusses the news year of birth pugachova and galkin son and daughter is money surrogate mother received the same amount how much did she get from the most ordinary couples average price surrogate mothers in Moscow five hundred seven hundred thousand rubles for twins sum increases for childbirth
  • 00:30: with caesarean section too, but this postpartum payments still have a monthly compensation for food from 12 to 30 thousand rubles in depending on arrangements additionally paid clothes medication management of pregnancy if sur mum lives in another city priplyusuyte travel and living in the capital and of course services intermediaries and extracorporeal fertilization
  • 01:00: the last and costs at least 200 thousand rubles and attempts to words maximal there were several give price tag on the kind of delivery in the most expensive random not democratic 500 pieces and that gomele for Galkin gamma were these parents by the most modest counting in two seconds half a million rubles and judging by happy dad's sight even if the amount was tens times more it was worth it