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  • 00:00: hello today I will cook Irina pork knuckle dishes English I will cook a little on the Russian the manner of accurately corresponds to I will not dish recipes very simple preparing very tasty beautiful alternative size and other sausages So start the recipe we need 2 pork shank or not back to the choice of largely without difference in blood and necessarily a good thing wash hit all of the skin unnecessary if there the remainder of the bristles shave off her very convenient to use disposable machine fill your hands with
  • 00:30: this calculation to they were just covered and put on a slow fire before Boiling remove foam and will continue to cook shank at a very slow boil those who are about three and a half hours we necessary and cook until the extent to bone in handles easily separated from the meat I immediately pen ambassador solite with calculation to you the broth was a little insufficient salting if you sure it will then use if you do not if you use salt can even by stronger than usual
  • 01:00: that is, that he was a little too salty put a bow carrot and shall cook at a very slow boil practically imperceptibly with two half hours with this add black pepper peas again close the lid and we will cook for another hour and somewhere around 10 15 minutes until cooked add bay leaf few words about cook, covered or without the lid on cooked without rules cover actually vario to whom as conveniently I I cooked and so so not much difference
  • 01:30: I saw so cook the lid can be leave the lid slightly ajar after the shank we will have cooked we leave them broth that they have We are cool to warm and then we need they will be dismantled and first thing we You need to remove bone if you cooked the handle enough that stone you retire without any problem after as the bones we will removed and we need disassembly meat muscles on the bone I quite easily I hit further assort meat
  • 02:02: muscles remove the tendon remove the cartilage try not to damage the skin because that we will continue it use classic Terry the skin is not used it's all thrown out further with the skin I take if there is a layer of fat desire something with it on and fat can be finely cut and add the meat was delicious I do not use it I will result you should get clean enough skin is about telling if
  • 02:33: the process of removing fat you are somewhere I accidentally nothing will tear terrible and a single month than Unsorted meat formation ferrino us We need to shape it the standard form for cupcakes while you can take any other we need a copy vystelit food film to to food film better lay more tightly I first form moistened water and then to lining film on the first layer I put the tape pigskin you can when the skin is not unwillingness
  • 03:03: use principle classical style is not she does not used a form is filled disassembled meat at skin vykladyvanii always striving slip slip and nothing okay then when here we put the meat it is pressed against the meat and more tightly locks at somehow I I put into the skin Turn to Italy meat we will need it slightly crushed I say a little because that very
  • 03:33: granulate and especially a cutting knife meat is not necessary here just rip each muscle more small part of it It will help far enough meat we will need to add all that you I see fit add finely chopped garlic adds black ground pepper add at need salt and I have to finely Paul chopped parsley and capers classic option added Only parsley and added marinated
  • 04:03: cucumber finely all chopped stir and then very good here also add a ladle broth and did not but did you make broth with meat and wets as a result of thorn more exactly more gently frozen few words about broths and gelatin Gelatin may be administered You can not enter ordinary broth from rollers enough advice he without problems hardens I own all do you recommend gelatin conduct because that firstly we here the meat is cut ie it is fine
  • 04:33: Secondly, we have Parsley we have capers or marinated cucumbers and gelatin all this in the grips denser more homogeneous mass it is advisable not new It needs to be fully quite half standards specified in the packaging and cooking desired solution according to the instructions given on the package and the gelatin I, meanwhile, apres la small pieces Skin that I hung to more tightly beautiful close the form and spread the meat it slightly compacted and
  • 05:03: further pour broth and a broth held gelatin very much seal is not necessary I repeat once again very desirable before putting some Form add meat He midnight soup all good stir and then This mass lay form and seal fill a stock number to our level fluid was level after meat fill these forms stand for 10 15 minutes
  • 05:33: to broth evenly distributed over volume and need the broth even a little and then add tighten skin and close plenochku Get Teterin refrigerator for 5 hours 8 that is, the night so that it is well grabbed stood at desired, the top put a small cargo and heavy somewhere approximately at kilogrammchik not I put select shape in a refrigerator
  • 06:03: and then after May 8 hours gat gat thorn remove plenochku it is possible to cut it fine cut You can impose thick It can be cut into thin as you want perfectly holds
  • 06:33: shape and very tasty very delicate very juicy else I wanted you show how he It looks at the cut calmly it can be cut piece holds its shape Leather is also very gentle boil and very tasty our terrine swine shank ready and will remain unconventionally you Pryatnogo appetite