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Alla Pugachev every day is poorer and poorer.

Alla Pugachev every day is poorer and poorer.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Alla Pugachova with every day all the trouble and so she is not in joy and day birth of a friend of Boris reda prima donna not show off dresses does not do the salfi for his instagram and even the maximum spouse Galkin does not report what they will give maxim that you will present today when you will put the family instagrama mood diva again ruined the irson
  • 00:30: kudikova ex Business Partner w draws from payment of a debt recall not so long ago two stars have opened for gifted children school that should was not too small businessman alexey well sedan but in fact investment in school contributed 1 pugacheva prima donna also kudyakov and money lent for that and for all and when asked return a favor business came to light partner give nothing but husband Kudyakov and the bankrupt court issued
  • 01:01: decision favor pugachev's irson kudikov should return 200 thousand dollars and 7 in half a million rubles 200 thousand diva received in during the month a now the silence however, according to the pictures of social networks can not be said that irson kudikov each penny counts rest Morocco paris in Thailand
  • 01:32: supper with lobsters eating oysters breakfast farm fords with black blood on clothes entertainment hudyakov also not and which not it's amazing the prima donna gave her the team of you they seized the apartment of the Polish prestigious area moscow because 7 million rubles business partner should be so far and every day it is amount is increasing depreciates of the region money as a recovery from the debtor
  • 02:02: strengthen lime green in benefit shaking boris and impose arrest on a do not see on Russia next few days sell and donate this property on living space kulikova and in any moment can go under the hammer prima donna are convinced lawyers are not all that should be done kudikova pugacheva while the manufacturer to pulled with payments not small interest of 57000 dollars from long in currency and two and a half million from
  • 02:32: arrears in rubles and that at the rate on January 30 almost 14 million rubles and exactly so much is worth now Arrested and apartment and kulikovoj only from Goodwill clanwar how do their oral depends whether this is an apartment in ownership of nausea or it was admitted possible Irsen kudikov simply saves money after all after scandal with pugacheva business partner parted now at each his own business prima donnas workshop variety art
  • 03:02: while in the Kulikov English for children garden and prices for services space conclusion and exit not assistant on cheap extolled pre-school establishments they have caregivers native speakers and children they are no longer afraid there is one girl the first inmates in kindergarten
  • 03:33: are engaged in vocals and dancing the truth so far classes suspended the hall repair assistant kulikovoy not at all upset that pugachovyh children's the garden is no longer there are developments you left it there was a separation but fabulously in
  • 04:07: income from Irson kudikov and it seems not only two child 10 people not returned holidays, but in school pugachova as assure its employees work is in full swing month school arts prima donna are twice cheaper than irson kudikov and No vacant tables okay, it's all after now Michael combers after
  • 04:43: section of business has gone with the prima donna and holds the position of creative director grebenshikov admits in school at Pugacheva already their stars we have school learns denis bunin and he is already in his five years invented and pencil your children liza and harry straight bottom to give ugu The name of the hurries like kiddies she faring they still and lawyers advise
  • 05:17: Pugacheva and submit another one of Kherson kulik and demand recalculate interest on existing debts are different millions it will be to wait forever, everything has become first in any case jumping with garters interest for use means this right strange actually the seeker is using or day naturally I do not mind and you were happy and