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  • 00:00: grand turkey as much as going out on the street during a tour in Russia It moves only safety Error value of oriental beauty barely seeing Tarkan immediately apparent on his neck the so-called man so often arrives in Russia 40 way male why it is still not married the most serious man Istanbul There open book on the Turkish coast krasotischa Istanbul
  • 00:32: how many famous shikidym It spreads through all kind of brought its alloys result and it changed everything Panov I look and love and passion I observed in America and then in English Kremlin comes only pay off, I do not watch does not apply as the bird does not have to in details but still called Turkey while Rostova which superstar Incendiary in Russia Tarkana liked a glance his biggest hit
  • 01:03: accent sounded properties correspondent speakers that is September, our country then did not understand but the words of a song you can not throw on May 2 council board Thank you Turkish streets keep chestnuts together with drugs but there is no now only out of his car window small excursion can post a fast ride he might want me to walk folk love was too hot
  • 01:35: OAO Ikar agreed to shooting only the most expensive Turkish hotel Elizabeth labeled it a privat I feel secure Eugene go out then I disguising cap Makarova people I do not complain very freely live permanently hard for many years did not give tarkans interview never talked about personal Life today he is ready to reveal the secret his birth and found free
  • 02:05: because now his warm heart It decreased by 70 this song when it has been in turkey musical revolution and then spread around the world yesterday graduate Conservatory overpass Mitroglou collection became the King of Pop during games in a row property prick
  • 02:36: half vegetables rivers of milk accident at the nuclear submarine seal begins then I would venture to challenge outwardly tradition metal left ear and He showed the world you got as it is now does not skimp on the air Kiss interest rates may MET teach incendiary dance the other the right to declare it numbers positive movement rights
  • 03:06: Alexander white fungus he was illegal handsome crowd pounded persistent girls since when it has held on Istanbul it took more than ten years now superstar does not appear in these places Natalia streets still remember with Christmas tree this same year Pakhomov noose so handsome I would have been the girl is the youngest country and perhaps even years, when I
  • 03:46: as claimed by looking at the Draft bounce 3 he is still in the order of about 100 exhibits but in office Treasury body experts shooting I still is not clear Marshall his long novel and then a break with
  • 04:18: Turkish lawyers have copied all Local newspapers also because has never and I told their true feelings on today built speaking people Alexander indicators newspaper Capital believes every woman while Russian women find sexiest another thing that I like a girl Russia but we know that now I have changed
  • 04:49: Moscow will understand a flower if it put in the rain, he changed if he is afraid himself for the national team should train third match I have no charm if they do not just think how he was released he was I find it difficult and very cold bmw toyota expects summer but still a little faster on the shore even if that is with proper unlikely to please Russian girls I say some who have so