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We plant cucumbers. In a barrel! It is not enough place, it is a lot of cucumbers! - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners with you again I met Julia change and on its channel dissolved in garden vegetable garden and again we are We will talk about than because of cucumbers now comes that time could planting cucumber seedlings but of course all the while we still sheltering to not hurt cold our cucumbers here and there many ways planting cucumbers here I showed you in greenhouse, as I planted row cucumbers it can
  • 00:30: have bags I have Video of cucumbers very good option and you can put anywhere today we will put you cucumbers in a conventional barrels you say, well, you can come up with think about something new loggerheads and there all Well put all plant but I just want to a little bit to talk about in general, how do I can be someone is Well, that really come in handy let both particular talk first of barrels here here I drum barrel must be
  • 01:01: necessarily madly this is my older I barrel barrels I never collect I throw Scrap not pass because I have Many planting cucumbers can say that Tomatoes can be planted and you can put out there but from the one barrel you plant no more than 2 if the roots of thin and all why we barrel You can also put tomato because barrel, we can contact you can grow say so call tomato wood barrels Tomatoes are not sending
  • 01:31: are and grows huge-huge Course I will then show how It has done as soot tomatoes barrel but just today specifically talk of cucumbers here I I need bun is such so that Helen we need Now I have a humus in bucket mold us It needs film twine cucumber seeds and that's probably the scissors Now all I have I tell you what I
  • 02:01: I fill his barrel than I will fill his barrel here let us carefully We'll be with you view of the ring Look here first a first water ring ledge here that there is a barrel we divide but how would you three part of one part 2 3 1 the bottom part of it may be all kinds of trash it, you can very well because many do not yet keeps suppose there as the saying goes some kind of bird or
  • 02:31: poultry I just simply can be any food waste I at the bottom of the barrel like this how about somewhere if you look at them because even there yet any I was lying in my feather from a bird I collecting platform I save lobe because it At first an additional 500 heat and plants great great under crust that have more me is This here is the first second a second layer I I have done that I
  • 03:01: spread ground not muck about not muck manure and spread ground so he burned and some have been heat plant like this then what I did I spread ground a layer of earth look I carefully ground spread ground from this Ring around here so we are now in a barrel I see you I show a small Now let's look Now the barrel
  • 03:32: Look, you see barrel should be very well broken Plot see it wet We like that it is friable points see even longer worms we have here from the well's Well and relays and explosion and look required condition many put cucumbers but sprinkled the ground very here in the Level kidney Blood from the edge of the impossible do we You must leave here look here here
  • 04:02: It is here space here here somewhere that's so much for What for we First we stretch film to cucumber felt comfortable, and when he at us with you to grow already up out of the corner but Only then take off with you than the film convenient to why we still so pour in general low land because on top We seeds falling asleep Now rename here and in general, that then can be
  • 04:32: gradually pour but to pour Again pour tipped humus or rotted sawdust Well today I will I put in a barrel very much like the Chinese cucumbers Chinese variety is Chinese flameproof here look and Chinese here disease resistance there are Chinese farmhouse is in the Generally it's cucumbers really do not like it delicious and
  • 05:03: fragrant, in general, Well, for planting in lobe very very Well good option Well look we carefully ground Our raw and poured Now look at I'll put this barrel only four seeds More I'm not going to sit here so here's a look I I make small recess 1 2 3 and 4 here as lightly as ever
  • 05:38: dust kills the little because to our with you seed nowhere nowhere Well that did not fail Well in this barrel, and perhaps by go you heat resistant so we take our cucumber amuletchik our seeds Well if look carefully these cucumbers ass these cucumbers have been treated
  • 06:08: You see that's not pink cucumber I do not put no not the sharp end blunt as I have He showed nickname and quite simply here and so gently gently put in lune course you You can plant 100 and More and cucumbers then just simply carefully transplanted somewhere in another place Victor add up We put our 7 Well so lying
  • 06:42: Perhaps I'll do I'm in the barrel now! probably will serve all cucumbers and then I just simply remove excess cucumbers that is, at the moment I have a barrel will serve as a Man com here then I will remove extra cucumbers and I will leave here more strong for further growth
  • 07:12: We go our cucumbers lodge hence the need to put I handle this case planted 10 sunflower seeds but this does not mean that all ten here I will grow this barrel then leave four four seeds cucumber that I germinate and will have to real leaves others I gently take with
  • 07:42: lump of earth and just simply somewhere somewhere in the transplanted garden on cucumber a bed that is currently moment more than comfortable This barrel is with us you guys will com you can also put everything everything here is in a barrel have to use barrel as the parnichok Now look attentively as I 1 I take our humus and That's how our cucumbers gently port pour to water my course with you
  • 08:13: will certainly warm water I have not far is a barrel and of watering we strainer We will water it Chapter held here well that's always All you need to do with love understand then put your heart I respect you always will delight not to think about that that do not grow all we grow with you and gather and rich
  • 08:43: a bountiful harvest cucumbers and will have Fresh daughter like this we look filled with our daughter cucumbers that we We do in the future the most important thing before do not forget to fit shed as a barrel should shed directly just where I shed per day because the land settles ie barrel It takes so here who desired shape Now that I was a You do not need film We take this way with
  • 09:14: your film Look cords and our film we tying twine tied tight here to create Greenhouse effect but reveal little I just have you you know there is now
  • 09:44: Currently I have I must advise now I go and buy best course This gum gum in which for a girl very convenient to you it's so just actually very conveniently removed then quickly and removed in the event of the year Again, use as what we're doing extra film we are certainly we have three you on the other drum then so once again you
  • 10:14: I remind barrel advance shed land It settles on the next Day to begin cucumber planting delaying like this here plump plenochkoj very tightly and then in subsequent simply not planting day in day we do not fit pour just fall asleep and humus then we have as Soil with drying you pour the warm excess water with strainer
  • 10:45: Well that's probably here and so this a good way cucumber planting I advise everyone to try all the same there buns Well I wish you good harvests cucumbers successful planting you were Yulia me his garden Whether in the garden till