Galina Kositskaya

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Master class the HELLEBORE FROM FOAMIRAN AS A GIFT!  See details »



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  • 00:00: welcome all who infatuated with you and wounds learn to make of his beautiful flowers our today workshop will It is dedicated to creating decoration for men here is a gift flower hellebore in surrounded by leaves sprigs of fern we are with you today learn to do
  • 00:30: beautiful flower hellebore naturally surrounded legends and myths One legend says about that at birth Jesus, they took away all gifts, and only one she could not find anything Jesus worthy so she and burst into tears, and tears and you grow flowers hellebore but if talk about what Jesus was worthy
  • 01:00: such offerings flower hellebore then our men naturally deserve so they gave beautiful gift packed and beautifully filed and beautiful It will be great If that's so tender on the one hand to the other hand brutal flower will adorn the decor we are and we do flower hellebore as a decor
  • 01:30: for men's gift