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How to make a sketchbook with own hands\/\/the Sketchbook in 10 minutes  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone the name is dry arina today is tuesday means a new channel on youtube a new video and today I will tell you as quickly as possible and just do it such a chibouk in order to make our sketchbook we need the following tools and materials for internal bloc I will need paper I took the album for sketches here page a3 it's just that sketch paper and you can take
  • 00:30: watercolor paper or any other which suits you also to us for the cover any colored paper i take a design double-sided cardboard You can use one-sided cardboard with some beautiful for any another paper that you will find beautiful for your cover also to us come in handy clerical good knife with a sharp blade pencil and college ruled We will also need Hole punch you can take as ordinary
  • 01:00: such a fool olu from the store for I will take office supplies Here such disappeared in order to put together all our leaflets to us you need this cord I tore out five large sheets a3 and our album for sketches and now me you need to divide them into in half I will do this with the help of rulers and stationery knife I put a leaf on it body mat has established metal ruler for markup where do i need draw a line and sharp clerical knife well pressed
  • 01:30: line of audience I take a tourist in this way cut all our leaves in half I will add everything up leaves in half and draw from the side such a stick for creasing if you do not have a wand for creasing you socks
  • 02:00: edge it line or a some spitz metal which does not leave trace it is necessary for that our fold it turned out to be smooth and beautiful here for example after we bent all the leaves
  • 02:30: we add them 11 after we gathered our indoor unit you see what we have uneven leaves alone leaves more act here than Other now we we will equate them apply from above metal ruler per line which is the most highly on which we will cut off take a knife and carefully cut
  • 03:01: if you had a sharp a knife then you will succeed perfectly flat edge if all the same some villi then you can here so that's easy plain -labeled with scratch them now I measure our blog and I will cut out the cover for from color paper our unit is completely
  • 03:57: ready for me it turned out pretty plump here right here I have a very large distance from the beginning and to the middle because that the sheets inside very dense if y you are here a little distance you can make holes at once do them right away i will do punch each leaf by the piece because they have me very dense if you do holes at once you can immediately block insert here in such a conventional punch and we will need to punch as much as
  • 04:27: half hole now I'll show you this is an example because I will puncture unusual dragon acrobat I take a pencil and a ruler and I mark where would I want to make their holes sketchbook with the help of a crop doyla with us turned out to be such The holes in the form semi-circle is the same you can do with help this
  • 04:57: conventional hole punch now i will punch all remaining page you made holes in all our pages most importantly if you make holes gradually by the piece on each page then do not forget this
  • 05:28: put them together in the correct order so that the edge of them all was even now we are we can add it with cover and stretch inside our cords missed our
  • 06:00: thread through holes just in case two times now i I'm tying here nodule after very well pulled thread inside tie a strong nodule find Threads we are now we will fasten 2 pendants if you want, you can
  • 06:36: envy a little skintock make it more beautiful looked that's what it looks like already
  • 07:54: for our decorated sketch beech you can decorate you can leave a shell clean you can use it as a variety of books at school for your drawings as well as conventional notepad here too draw your children y you will remain commemorative tetradochka with their drawings are done very quickly and simply literally in 10-20 minutes he will be ready by now I hope you liked this mini master class if it is so put your fingers up well but I suggest you subscribe to my channel to
  • 08:24: every Tuesday look like video thanks a lot that they examined to end until