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  • 00:00: 60 Canadian not want jump and laziness expressive dance long rehearsed Now she that really want to but my soul dreams floor five years ago we lettuce assembled to you I give we
  • 00:36: omitted please I can Spivak and grabbed I was plagued by hernia Only vertebral you should not be treated dancing and I'm afraid convenience of operation here problems do not need must somehow solve need need something that Move from here and I still while the crowd exercise I understand yourself intervertebral hernia curse resident especially in the metropolis
  • 01:07: aged 25 to 50 years symptoms of acute pain along the sciatic nerve numbness and pricking According limbs Neurosurgeons at 19 percent of the cases problems should be solved surgically There are different methods treatment herniated medication and massage course operating intervention here just like this to avoid right now I try method cook operation It may not be You need a doctor It offers me treatment based on whose movement and it is difficult to go
  • 01:37: but the fact that mocks to start it social ie diagnosis check the status muscles and ligaments but why is it necessary because on MRI images was so obviously have a hernia I have, I will search even so triggers called tender points this is reflected in tense areas pins on which we then put program to the painful areas remove using Of course exercise According to Dr. there is no problem pinched nerve endings
  • 02:07: fragments of the disc is that muscle such idle passive and withdrawn hernia in leaders ailments in vertebrates 60 percent of the cases the cause of back pain this intervertebral hernia it arises from the muscle spasms, deep spine after prolonged sedentary employment or increased physical activity spasm causes congestion blood is broken drive power he dry and with time comes its destruction called hernia Naydenov trigger appoint those points and have spasms that cause pain then check all
  • 02:37: joints and muscles because the center of their compound just in lumbar region the doctor says that she with a chance to improve and without hernia intervention Kirov operation creates new challenges to Actually the problem rehabilitation that flow heavier than treatment using exercises kinesitherapy physiotherapy is a form of healing Physical training is now doctor to find out in what state of the leg muscles spends a this simple but there Another area which
  • 03:07: It may work enough to give left hand left hand try to straighten but that's your problem 2 guest that is, you have a bone long muscles King leg muscles is shock cool with explicit amortization problems that has resulted in to back pain as a expect to lean forward well, that the author has We came not necessary get the toes and It can zenith garlic spread
  • 03:37: it quietly sail twine does not restore feet they will be like me how to pull back ground floor man aging feet not years with my loved what device results of finely social diagnose defined pain points along spine identified weaknesses in the muscular system Now fix it active movement though I would by lying on couch with pleasure main part Therapy goes here in this hall program
  • 04:07: of doctor physiotherapy and all exercises carried out under it supervision because step right step lion shooting but before doing so again diagnostics functional doctor that's the way determined by a Weight Training can begin busy now Nagoya 45 kg of mud but how can that be when hernia more than two heifers to raise impossible without panic trainers antigravity feet in limbo state and such permissible load Here we erase function testing and
  • 04:37: We found you short leg muscles weak muscles on volume as it's about that someone broke the blood flow and lymph flow you are alone in no time accompanied deep tissue edema inflammatory process only pain that I would suggest to you stop blood flow give them a stream of invoice for the work on decompression of antigravity simulators thereby we are rebuilding long and volume of Muscle main thing we do not understand the swing
  • 05:07: muscles and restore them microcirculation doing stretching an exercise twist to increase muscle length hip today while I I worked out 6 muscle groups with at the deepest level active muscles operate as a pump delivering drives nutrients and by this the exercises we are we are rebuilding blood flow and lymph flow that improves we trofiku restoring power between the audio CDs practice muscle came rabbit this work muscles deep muscles world
  • 05:37: and diseased tissue that have a both vessels lymph and If the venous muscle idle It begins dystrophy drive what it means scientifically it eating disorders tissues that changes and certainly for the worse aside as a result of so you have a hernia engaged and if all still go on here traditional way lie down to rest at home accept painkillers under You can choose not in what way we can not recover when we are in alone that the muscle does not work well we know that when muscle does not work then
  • 06:07: it atrophies with muscles atrophy lymphatic and venous network There are important overcome psychological barrier we used to if there are problems with back any loads otherwise sharp pain but First nadi compression and antigravity load simulators on the very spine minimum in the second have a special exercise against Pain example here a body that's still option but extreme efficient analgesic an exercise propeller departure sign
  • 06:37: task now is to raise the pelvis up and we put ice under the place where You hernia is sure it necessarily Keep your lower back lowered to the floor before 10 seconds relaxed breathed is dying you are now is a miracle more
  • 07:07: but less cold now not It feels good Of course it is easier to drink tablet pain medication but it will only temporary effect of pain return so should urinate on trainers and We forget about the right breath inhale and exhale in a good the moment of maximum stress in general All these exercises destroyed one of the biggest myths to If back pain We need peace nothing and finally, under the exercises star on that it is in my status but there is no such a star
  • 07:43: It is very difficult although I have to admit at all surprised that I was able to do all these exercise so that I exactly a star there is one more stereotype of a sore back Apply your heat in just a month water treatment means that the drive you have to be lukewarm false hopes ice I have too much doctor Heat certainly say so lulls pain but contributes and an increase in edema this may lead to complications but such a cold the situation just
  • 08:13: on the contrary does not hurt no heat usually disturbed lymph drainage system slows down circulation because of this process inflammation begins grow thereby increasing pain in cold just Dive 5-7 seconds body begins include a system thermoregulation which means it I must be inside himself warm up sharply spasm of blood vessels and then narrowing
  • 08:43: sharp output and need warm thus increases lymphatic drainage state edema care and of course we get anesthetic 5 seconds fear effect and a lot of pluses doctor advised to take a bath every day and go under the water with the head of all the body needs to get shock Now nice but I I can go to the steam room my back needed contrasting procedures but how is it possible because the doctor just
  • 09:13: He explained warming back It can not be but the fact that we are not in the bath We bask and parimsya excreted from the body toxins that it is useful and after the sauna necessarily again cold bath or shower for immunity a celebration of life but no longer I bath will not go No such Xenia well done, and I am now Can such an elegant capers dress because I have such shape Affairs during treatment that dancing for
  • 09:43: the sky is not at all a problem so I He was dishonored pen would you wish dance this one dance is not very welcome all well but Unfortunately greenhouses visiting smallish another way that if you do not know I already to engage as well as running back me too