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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello to you channel company azeri today we knit fur mittens a great gift yourself or your friends mastered the master class you You can knit mittens and Custom I eg regularly receive such orders
  • 00:30: anyone shortens the coat and from scraps do here this accessory workshop is two parts in first we crochet knit base the second weave fur creativity we need joiner or furrier's knife a needle that must be
  • 01:33: sharpen for fur plastic needle and fur from I sheared rabbit Rex description for the base designed for hand fifth the size so you add or
  • 02:04: and subtract the length width of its dimensions note framework should be rather small after weaving fur basis for stretch creativity us need thread thickness up to two millimeters Hook number 1 and 6 and so recruit very
  • 02:42: free forty-three aerial loops and closable in a ring it must be put on
  • 03:25: hand to make its enough width there were occasions when house down and brought I base and the hand is not I passed through closed the first row ring recruit 4 Air lifting loop Further knit fillet
  • 03:57: 10 rows of the grid eleventh row we
  • 07:09: not to dovyazyvaem end of the subject 3 cells unfold knitting for yourself seamy side knit twelfth number reversed
  • 07:40: We reach the edge again
  • 08:44: The race is and knit 13 row When it comes to the edge
  • 09:39: then dial 6 stitches freely and closable number fourteenth row knit as usual Only 6 of the air
  • 10:39: loops they form the two three cells 15 series of knit as usual you can measure
  • 11:35: mitten and make the thumb passes freely Knitting sirloin grid 13 if you count the rows of thumb
  • 12:05: decrease doing so provyazyvaem loop through a single cell last row do
  • 13:07: same anchoring point
  • 14:01: thread the last cell
  • 14:55: They should be linked tightly otherwise you will mittens with external manicure large Thumb will knit once the basis for this will do loops in each cell knit 8 rows and
  • 16:35: Uploading as usual mittens obtained
  • 17:21: universal that is, they can be put on both the left and on the right hand the foundation is ready Support videos huskies if you interesting to have a look in the second sequel Part of the success in creativity