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We sew a dizzy hat and a bag from slanting inlays. Master class. Tatyana Lazareva  See details »

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  • 00:00: Today we use improvised tissue very simple textile techniques create new relief surface of all our hands dizzy hats stylish handbags of the usual silk and woolen snakes from slanting shore with you today Tatiana Lazarev Hello dear audience
  • 00:31: there comes a time in the south birds come Mountain snow melt and even if does not melt still an inspiration are guests who do not visits and lazy come at any the year she adults very day of her mood today we We will work with a very simple method and with very simple fabrics if you're on mezzanine found such as old acetate silk a piece of calico or fine wool it will all be magically creative
  • 01:01: material in our hands I do not know what will be on hand you I have a piece of thin wool and a variety of delicates I I remind you that any cloth There are two direction a basic and accurate but that is transverse If we square add the diagonal then we get just 45 degrees Usually this direction cutting is performed to get oblique
  • 01:31: Bakey angle of 45 degrees, and it is oblique direction then you and take the ticker, and width can be love you take a ready-made template of plastic or She finished line can be any width I took here are subtle elements you You can take a Cardboard cardboard can be too any width is the width of the scythe Bakey your blank oblique running
  • 02:05: quite simply you using soap or chalk and a ruler or pattern just do first markup and then sharp scissors or roller blade and special backing realize cutting as a result of you can come here I recall such Becky their width may be any fabric and you You can take old shirt or an old of quotations and gown It may be some interesting fabric relief generation ie creative the material is very
  • 02:35: very interesting exciting creative process you see that we have very oblique Bakey different and appointment things that you I do depends matter what creative stuff You will use in the we now our pancakes we sew add up Bakey face inside and then paving machine line in Depending on What you need inlay machine stitching can or navigate
  • 03:05: the width of the foot while you from the fold postpone a distance equal to foot width and navigate machine line then it's a squirrel very easy everts turn can very different ways we use here such interesting hook hook for oblique Beach it here fixing kryuchochek and very long and that the rod It is allowing enough enter deeply into
  • 03:35: Bakey the element itself and then just turn all inside out nec
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  • 06:49: So we laid machine and line twisted and now We will ironing our oblique Bakey for this usually take here such a small stencil is poh the width of your finished oblique Bakey and we enter it into if you like the seam rolls over one side, and when You will
  • 07:21: realize ironing you Iron platform as once fixed line pattern to machine line was on the one hand and the other party you have It will be smooth and absolutely equal width here
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  • 08:45: And now the most
  • 09:23: fun you can use harvested material on your discretion can sewn onto the substrate exactly the same oblique Bakey and can in one products to use a narrower more extensive lighter more dark so you can One simple trick enrich your own creative finds the way there very simple and
  • 09:57: fast reception that It helps to get long, long oblique Bakey square of fabric It can be of two contrasting well triangles triangles have be sure to equilateral and rectangular so do you ever square divide half and get two rectangular triangle that stitch on equity ie the leg and so if you sew two triangles Pitch you got there get rum rum you are sure
  • 10:27: iron out seam who had just paved and make sure marking the width of the bias binding is longitudinal markings It helps you connect the sides of the rhombus shifted exactly the width of a scythe Bakey and then one and only cut you share cylinder on long, long oblique Bakey meaning you We need to get not one Bakey connect small tails oblique strips
  • 10:57: and immediately one and only the seam is very convenient I'm sure you a way This is a very pleasant I specifically chose rough line and a little curved like said marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva all that is ugly ugly in the wind so we made our line a little bit with jittery soap or chalk you realize layout it arbitrarily
  • 11:27: depends on your moods and then we machine stitching fill in this field wasting in completely randomly our harvested oblique Bakey will be
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  • 16:12: Well, that's that
  • 17:18: result, you I took a turn most dense tissue because it will Bag it should good enough so keep in shape All tissue sealed and you can see that I I made just such a spontaneous markings on scribbling oblique Bakey retaining the tortuosity and waviness and then it is very important if you small fragments fill in their joints
  • 17:48: overlap cross oblique direction Bakey you can create quite a the illusion of a relief training completed and entering into the taste you can try make heavy plaid fabric e.g. or bag or jacket insulated and if take calico stripes topstitch and denim get very original but can be Majid collar
  • 18:18: vest pay focus on a mannequin there enough interesting evening an option which is also created using This simple method and silk slanting back Well, one more small reception we make it a hat It will also be of oblique running and we are preparing exactly as well as in previous case Once I put before as
  • 18:48: grind small narrow stripes syntepon then himself lamb turned this completed and elastic because headgear should well keep in shape And now the most interesting you just lay out Shivaya or seam through edge or seam of folds items you you can carry assembly in any convenient way for you the most important thing to all series that you will pave
  • 19:19: matched form your dolls then you finished work on any level that you arrange shooting already finished hat that is not her you need to sew just take and gut-wrenching come to the mirror to her but try few words about blanks if you have a favorite hat interesting shape that you are you Can she have He came from behind consumption or more you have not
  • 19:49: how satisfied hat object use it as the object for the new you his creativity slaughter or sawdust or rags I very tight then Sew on the bottom bedplate and you We get such very thick dense Plural you you can use for a variety of types of work and of I'm still on top and and insulate small fragment jersey to me and You need to be comfortable stick pins
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  • 22:37: here just the way mastered reception modular assembly It allows us to
  • 23:07: experiment very different material well, Firstly, if we hat collected from oblique narrow strips Bakey synthetic padding you You can easily be replaced them with cords of different diameters very different quality it can and be linen some harness You can take conventional tape that you have at hand combine them each other because that if the smooth Tape and Corrugated some interesting material you get extraordinary
  • 23:37: interesting texture and even if you want to using oblique shore and Now this cylindrical seal making bedside rug for example it is better to done by hand then you are using a scythe Bakey wrap insulation and simple any manually a hidden seam you first close all plastic surface and then he just Just as we collected hat you can collect any interesting an interior thing
  • 24:07: good luck Well workshop completed no ugly women her women who for some reason do not want to be beautiful and beauty looks yet more expensive and the price if it is supported inner beauty and so it is in our hands All the best to new appointments with you today was the one drunk