Liudmila Vazyulya

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Yoga for a back and a backbone | Yoga for beginners | Exercises for a back | a yoga Complex  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: this video aimed at strengthening of the deep the muscular system and It will be useful for practice begins from a standing position raise the hands up pull spine and disclose the chest cell are drawn after Hand crown
  • 00:30: We provide soft deflection mainly in thoracic spine watch closely not to the period distracted loins with natural cant breath body intensively pulling his hands and crown forward continuing
  • 01:03: stretch drop the case and arms and try to cuddle close to Monaco knees bent intensively pulls hands and forward spine
  • 01:34: body pressed against thighs We sit down and bend right foot knee we start stop you for left knee stretching the spine top We carry
  • 02:04: twisting to the right a simple version with girth and thigh a deeper modification institution armpits shin seizure or the capture of the foot bent leg We carry twisting on the background intensive extension spine up quiet breathing boiling water
  • 02:35: inspiratory back mirrors the another stele inspiratory back
  • 03:35: its original position set foot on pelvic width of the hand Gone back sides pushing the pelvis intensively pull spine and We are drawn to the sternum chin angle knees close to 90 degrees breathing more much lower central actively use stomach connect the foot
  • 04:18: together and exhale introduce right leg up sock pull over changing the position of the feet left such care up continuing
  • 04:48: intensively Stas and pushes extend spine omit the left leg omit the pelvis brings to his hip grab grief and forehead are drawn to the subject We try to close
  • 05:19: press area loin surface clone enter by hand parties ago like straightening and slow movement eight legs back if it turns out
  • 05:49: lead foot behind his head captures knocking We strive to straighten knees bending your
  • 06:20: knee joints carefully decompose spine a roll stand up leaving your feet back go about pelvic width of the brush arms about our the fault of the shoulder girdle actively repelled hands and the ground underfoot pull the spine is the light neck relaxed breed wider foot
  • 07:08: forming equilateral Triangle of Sciences left hand expose perpendicular with respect to persons disclose the chest cell intensively Pulled right hand is not pull spine through the crown forward legs straight Change hand positions
  • 07:41: and carry miss great color condition returning to
  • 08:13: central position leaving kicking back lie down on your stomach hands puts in the face of rapidly pulling vertebral table costal arch set disclose to the floor chest tight reduce each blade heels together we Leo You intense price traction crown forward and deal lift straight legs
  • 09:00: and pulling arms onward and upward omit legs leaving the pelvis to the heels
  • 09:30: and intense pull spine and hands forward put your knees
  • 10:00: pelvic width of the brush hands under shoulders reliance on joints Balloon fingers We take a deep breath run noodle Gone head back breathe out prim chin arches large cell and We folded the TASS long exhale wave intensively pull the chest department or in dollars We carry the enemies
  • 10:32: exhale compensated frida
  • 11:06: this deflection of breath breathe heavily pulled ore vertebra breath just starting
  • 11:38: position come round legs He will meet the were delivered to a symmetrical binded is to go to the castle pull spine and exhalation leave slope rapidly pulling with elbows and crown land lifted me
  • 12:26: position and locks hands reversed and repeat slope and unwinds hands omit the pelvis
  • 12:56: sit down we go to fix brushes pelvic bones hold out spine decompose body hand care back rapidly pulling now and return by hand parties to the pelvis palms facing upwards axilla and opening We go into full
  • 13:28: deep relaxation