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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you always andrey smirnov and numerous requests decided write down a project is perfect new to me already pelted referral I reference him considered receiving attentively and I realized that he looked like many to you and snakes famous redex project red but everything here much easier in exactly twice now I will explain why and and your matrix will be is built faster and so on, money here as producing media is not are stored in the project generally that is not need to wait build a pyramid
  • 00:30: matrix to get your income here they come immediately straight at your his wallet in general everything is conveniently done the only thing also need here confirm that is, you came money for your cash-in-box you saw them and immediately confirm nothing complex I have of course tested with one man this project how it works all instantly instant translation go a huge mistake project 2000 bitcoin which we know so he until it works then that money was kept it is on the balance sheet that she here removed See how it all works
  • 01:00: looks like a binary only three levels you have maybe that is you see, yes, three level is very a short matrix and only for two people is there is a trinor of three human binary by two people here also work overflow from from administrators they also advertise this project I got practically under administrators now I'll show you later here you invite to the project only two A person is under you and everything that is further they invite sweat every two rights and these four more for two person and everything and yours
  • 01:30: matrix is ​​finished on all three waves see how it is looks in the first wave you buy 1 level for 150,000 satosh and sends this money not on the project itself purse superior partner, that is, if choice of me register that you will not be these money to poison is not and so who is next will stand up for you here will send money to you but even those who are the first guys there 15 20 30 people will become substituting will receive overflow from me for two man, yes anyway not for a big favor do not give up
  • 02:00: I already have two referral and enough you also invite to two people each and see what the first two person you immediately pay 300 thousand satoshi you buy from cheaper for 250 thousand satoshi the second level 4 people you are already paid million Satoshi you buy the following level for 750 thousand satoshi here twice already more income 6 millions you drop and for three million you buy the fourth level and see
  • 02:30: as here it is no longer necessary wait for your next one that tour that's it you are ready for 16 people and all the same as in different environments in with you it will go up to end also like there 1 2 3 platform and so further therefore I think there is much a little bit of this people look to me it seems developers of this project for all previous projects and some clean shortcomings and shortcomings silently I realize I think it's very good such idea that there is going to level 4 also very quickly you two people will be typed
  • 03:00: and then on python 66 millions understand we do not need to wait on the spot everything is much faster and at 3 is not the same as you see how much you can get on the way out a total of 24 bitokna therefore invite only two people or get their overflow will be quickly built all here below is turn-on that is, those who do not have referrals system here here in the queue will rebuild and will overflows yesterday also was about 105 my man but here these people I'm about
  • 03:30: so I remember by nickname they were somewhere around We are almost there on middle yes really turn moves them fall overflow and he disappears from this turn to to register need to go for it tabs and enter Your login м.л. bitcoin purse guys Only see Try not to drive purse expo that from the ExMo purse You can not replenish this project buy a level because what's on the conclusion minimal cost is million Satoshi is not make a mistake better
  • 04:00: block use also here no and wallets generation nothing will be so this project will not become like riddex red and bitcoin 2000 is not here generated wallets project working exclusively with our ready wallets click I accept the button conditions and registration this is an important point preferably we point and jim you the mail will come the letter is this will be written support here from me already other letters but There will be a letter confirm nothing do not need that is you will only receive a letter
  • 04:31: with your login and you password it save and therefore that the password for you are not point there only email password wallet to you generates system you have it write down save in text document where's something then you are already entering your account Press enter and enter your login which indicated registration and password from a letter Here's what it looks like I do not have an account here. pay attention will be constantly pop up advertisements then there are developers so how money misses everything project developers a little bit and
  • 05:01: decided that's so earn additionally they receive some a penny for this you so that I advise not do not click to find reklamki there any Spam can be and maybe some the virus is therefore not just do not do not pay attention to all your account will be look different then there will be here this segment of the screen where and now I am now lead the mouse and do order for the first level you click make an order to you give a bitcoin a wallet on which you send should be 150 thousand Satoshi I already have 250
  • 05:31: because I need 2 level to buy and as soon as your senior partner will see at teaching this confirmation that is that's how it will be look look my transactions are here here it will be replenishment and here purse number from came payment he will verify that you are you really sent him money for order level and to confirm here too I have an order for the first level is already as soon as your tash will confirm with you this the whole page here will be your materials advertising referral link
  • 06:01: your partners by the way e-mail and not I'll show you here this person is with me is my team of testers we testing together projects of all kinds so he would like himself with me but this one I have not yet managed to invite me he came in overflow from the system literally a couple of hours passed and he was not added therefore overflow partners too, all work here regularly share you can see their sponsors like us see the admin two more rights and admin then there are three of my higher the top three partners two of them
  • 06:31: just users and 3 admin that they do not repeat pay attention it's 1 by 2 and 3 is not it I will have the same people are shown here like what they have on current level from the admin, of course 9 so that the overflows literally only start here from administrations are up but the panfilm and and they are already like me I saw no need referrals therefore the system will go and even mine and me because I have already have something two she will your referrals under you arrange in the overall system I think
  • 07:02: you understand, yes, and also when you are already the first level you have two referrals appear or even one that's one of them does you order at the banquet frame you come from here and See here is the date order nickname and purse check that he ordered you level up to check block Here this purse before si jay es ji recent but he told me a little I have less phoned me slightly different system 10,000 eat well, nothing scary and here and after how did you find out
  • 07:32: that he transferred the money we push confirm the level of sleepyhead sold he has a level with him now the first level this person also most will be with you and everything is nothing here complicated all pretty just familiar to you the project is already a lot of people do not take part in the such matrices of children it's very profitable the main thing is that you were in this case two partners two referral more in principle is not necessary invite if somebody invites more then it will be very good for everyone advantageously invite new people I'm two invited and now I
  • 08:02: I hope, you go and you will build each other help their own partnership structure and so on and the guys Try not to pull and watch watch often visit this site because I too, I will often go as soon as 2 person who you showed me came from the system as soon as he to me too to make order for level up when it flips over to purse another 150 thousand satoshi I immediately I'll make an order for second level and so further as soon as you your structure paid do not wait
  • 08:32: do not need day 23 to wait something and immediately buy the following the level will be it's easier for everyone also read necessarily often Asked Questions rules here are all written here too system removes those who does not buy first level then there is registered and everything just sits like this that do not worry such dummies here not will be further the fact that multi-accounts many people love love to create yes but it's okay it's always this quite normal people want earn more I sometimes do it myself
  • 09:02: it's quite normal but here see a warning are allowed again registration but not under oneself that is, you are from one computer can make two or more accounts but not for its own referral links so here it is here so you can do a couple of accounts but not for your link so do not lose time sign up i I think now a lot people connect to this project and bloggers also project very is sufficient thoughtful and in my think he has the future is in principle on this all
  • 09:32: subscribe to channel put like good luck to all