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  • 00:00: we are often faced with the problem, when the size of pants fit, but do not fit in length. It's too long. And they need to be hemmed. But this does not necessarily go to the studio, if you have a home sewing machine. And I'll show you how fast you can do it. Independently. Let's see how the pants were filed. This is a normal hem, That is, the fabric is tucked twice. The width of the seam
  • 00:30: Somewhere 1.2 The inner part, tucked, It should be a little less what's this external. We are now looked at 1.2, means inner portion, for example, may be 0.7. I need to hem pants by 3.5 centimeters, so on the face of the trousers I have soap or chalk Mark 3 and a half centimeters, put a label.
  • 01:00: 1.2 and plus 0.7 turns 1.9, well, roughly 2 centimeters. Let's take a look of the label, where we have 2 centimeters. Here they are. 2 centimeters were Now this is slightly higher hem, then I can safely here this cut hem, even now, 2 mm above the hem. Cut the pants. I am guided along the seam,
  • 01:34: who was here. Cut off, and now the entire circumference, on the front side I need to put these labels. Here I have a 2 millimeter, 2 centimeters needed to put a big label.
  • 02:06: and 1.2 from these two Here are two labels put. 2 and 1.2 cm. I've put together a range of all labels and now need to on the second line chop off pants,
  • 02:37: and on the first line then sweep first Scola. Skolola on the first line, and on the second sweep out This is a must do to make your seam even, because we wrote on the wrong side, and seam We get on the front. It should be relatively smooth edges.
  • 03:08: Therefore, be sure to cover up. Not on the edge, there is a line, and a little bit further. As you work, you can remove the pins. I baste bottom trousers, and now I will have to defer on the reverse side in Region 1 millimeter. I'll start scribbling on the inseam no choice in these pants,
  • 03:38: because there is no side seam, but if there is a seam 2, be sure inseam note. Because when you are connecting, at the junction zakrepochki often put and now let this zakrepochka is not in sight. And in the end I fall into the previous line Here on the seam I can do tack.
  • 04:09: All perfectly. Bottom of trouser wide enough. Therefore, they are varied and so it was convenient to sew, but if you have a narrow pants, there will need to be sure to release the tubular platform turn pants inside out, and scribbling like this, from the wrong side.
  • 04:40: So it will be much easier. but if the pants are wide, you can do the same as I do. Now that you know how to hem the pants. But I must warn you, that this option is suitable for trousers or absolutely straight, or here's a narrow hem. If you like the video, put the Huskies. If you have questions on the subject, Ask them in the comments, I will try to be sure to answer them. All the best, Galina was with you Balanovskaya.