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THIN RUSSIAN PANCAKES, lacy, very tasty. The company recipe from Mileniya.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Good day my dear guests today we will make a very delicious and very thin pancakes Pancakes on the prescription obtained always surprising delicate and delicious Now we are prepare dough pancakes We need eggs add sugar
  • 00:32: add salt and Now we stir add sour cream stir up smooth add weight yogurt
  • 01:02: milk add flour adding baking powder dough pancakes we
  • 01:56: practically prepared we do not have lumps now, we add some vanillin and add sunflower or any vegetable Oil all our dough It can be done start baking here is it Get it now a popular beach our pan we warmed up grease brush
  • 02:27: sunflower oil pour pancake here's a look a pancake Now he was all whole on hole that's fine he could not see his and very easy flips very thin
  • 02:57: very very easy flips So I want you show what fishnet it lit thin you see all rayed even rayed spatula pour next pancake and this pancake
  • 03:31: promazyvayut brush butter like this Now look closely a pancake all perforated turns very beautiful thin pancakes our ready very rosy
  • 04:01: appetizing all hole look they direct light all cook pancakes raduyte their loved ones I think that you stay very, very satisfied from many, many recipes that I I tried for his Life here this recipe best best most delicious thin pancakes very easy to watch over and deliver the whole family lot of fun all the best visit my channel until we meet with you