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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you 3 Today we continue with you to knit fur mittens the beginning of this master class
  • 00:30: look in the first ready-made mittens can be bought in my shop at the fair masters link for video so I take rabbit fur my case is sheared rabbit rex spray colors champagne take ready base which we knit in the first
  • 01:00: parts and measure how much do i like it takes fur what I now measure running ahead I will say what this was not enough for me two windows left me if I cut the fur thinner is not 5 millimeters like me I will cut millimeters of three by four to me this quantity but enough for your I try to shop
  • 01:30: to cut a fur thicker that the products richer than dad 6 i now i'm cutting off textile seams which encountered plate and start to cut 5 millimeters of strip at first if it is
  • 02:02: ruler and measured all up to a millimeter now in my sight already everything turns out I I do not measure anything since fur plain I cut several strips if the fur has some sort of gradient color transition then i
  • 02:32: I try to cut one's fur in order that is, the beginning of a dark then light or I look at the picture and so i sliced strips I take the basis and I begin to sew the first strip in the place where the finger that is not of the finger here where does it begin
  • 03:02: here at the bottom because Later we let's move on to education fingers and so it will be more convenient and so I'm several for strong I attach a strip next I take
  • 03:44: plastic needle insert it into it fur strip and I'm starting to spiral twist the fur into each cell that is my strip as if in a spiral untwists related
  • 04:14: ranks for convenience i I show it on forefinger that you should be clear so way to living tissue we are left inside some girls were in that to the living tissue of them it turned out she was seen ready
  • 04:44: product of such do not need to admit be sure Mezdra should be inside above the fur so we fly to the very end when the world
  • 05:18: ends with resolve the following striped before for this I fold the fur with fur and sew The ends need to be watched in order to pile direction was always in one aside I need a needle
  • 05:55: in advance sharpened and for that make it easier entered the skin to the living fabric if correctly express oneself when we reach end carefully look through all whether the cells we tied fur because that because of the push to save very easy skip
  • 06:25: any cell then nothing trimming we smoothly go to the second series of in the same way in each cell and each row we wrap make sure that
  • 07:05: you had no choice hanging loops such mistake also happens in beginners when they are not tight tighten strips fur and subsequently on products is such as would pull so I use for
  • 07:56: convenience is dummies since we were knitting mittens in industrial scales, then they to us for us were made specially you can use any improvised materials hair spray or more anything suitable so I'm putting on finger on the fool and
  • 08:27: I start on logical wind finger is also on the circle sometimes when the thief tightly adjacent to dummy and nodule is not can disclose to slip through freely through a cell then and fur this breaks out happens but it is necessary
  • 09:01: keep an eye on the nodules passed through cells that is not leave loops like I said earlier some do not stretch the knots and leave attacks hanging buttonhole it's hard to wind perhaps more complicated than tie all mittens this is the heaviest part of the whole work so they tied up a finger
  • 10:27: now we need attach the tip to the this we introduce a needle finger and turn out mittens We will need consolidate this tail several for strong we turn the mittens
  • 11:14: and here it can be comb by the way I advise combing more often if you for example tied up today they put it off for the night and will comb only the next day then fur can do and look not so smoothly therefore the more often you will comb the better all the finger we
  • 11:47: We are now finished we will tie basic mitten we sew fur from right side we reach the finger here we will unfold and we will knit in reverse side so we reach the finger and we will already knit how
  • 12:17: usually left to right mittens I tied up small and that is in I spoke 5 size I would even said that he was somewhere is on the verge of between the fourth and
  • 12:47: fifth dimension therefore, a description change for yourself add cells or lie down on freedom, although they are not more free recommend because mittens will not be so are tightly connected and in them it can be cold and so that's specifically in these mittens they are warm around finger and also look carefully so that all cells are tied here in this
  • 13:17: location is very easy skip any cell so more closely here we are
  • 14:34: Turn around and go to the opposite aside my husband came to me morally help for the production of a pair
  • 15:07: such mittens are mine it takes me a whole day I mean to associate base and wrap it fur watches in seven eight so we again reach to the finger unfolding the work
  • 15:55: in the traditional position and wrap as usual we made the mitt before the end is the mitten I'm ready for I am an adult would be lengthened wrist but for small hand and this OK lining for such mitten is not required so it saves
  • 16:27: elasticity that very convenient for cutting because we constantly moving hands and so to us left to sew pompoms I take rubber band with length 20 centimeters and 2 bell of different colors tied at the ends nodules to it was more convenient sew to fur
  • 16:58: before that preliminary I insert bells naturally one bell in one side will be watch another the other side pieces of fur need in advance chop so they were the same size further I I sew a knot leather several times and
  • 17:31: I fix the nodule fix and then I start stitch circumference of fur
  • 18:01: so that later when tightening the thread did not burst better take a thick thread but I sew an ordinary sara by forging I already know degree of tension at which burst thread so I will cautious Here I then delay
  • 18:37: pompomich or bubonic bell as correct but not much otherwise I know that thread they will burst tight edges I will just sew a friend a friend here too it is necessary
  • 19:11: fasten well otherwise the ball disintegrate we cover the place stitching bell and I I put two nodules because the hole
  • 19:41: in the bells I have wide and elastic with one knot with ease slips through him therefore 2 nodules one bell at I was already flying to fluff the fur
  • 20:24: there is still cunning as the steam generator is not Strongly hot steam should be directed to fur and then nap straightened and fluff can be did anyone see that on the markets sellers fur coats such pairs generators process coats for so that the nap was flat and fluffy give our
  • 21:06: pompoms before the condition is adjusted until the condition mittens can be worn both with decoration and without him so I will not have it sew but simply put so peculiar I now loop you I'll show you I find thread on mitten
  • 21:37: I put the elastic in half and this loop forward through knitting in the I stretch the loop pompoms so if you want them
  • 22:09: you can take off that's all friends on this Did you like Master Class I'm waiting for your likes subscribe