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Seius leek in "улитку" and on a nonwoven napkin.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners with you I meet again julia me and my channel dissolved in garden vegetable garden and today we are with you We will talk about bow that is under siege and time namely seedlings Luke today we are going to you have to plant leeks leek desirable planted at the end of February and somewhere about 10 March, we we can engage
  • 00:30: planting leeks it can be a bow to imagine the noise and any Loka that for the first year can through seedlings build a good large onion always on the way If you are note always write that is that the bow in one season that is during the summer It grows well full bulb today we plant leeks Casimir I bought here
  • 01:01: so I sort of general he drew what great quality and very pretty it with a good collection square meter we get a good the amount of onions I had always sow leek and do any bow bow and to yourself a guy I Sandhu Me always two 2 I imagined ways in snail and I sowed here in such here trays onions if that
  • 01:31: Now I'll show you how can I sow it in cochlea the most important thing onions ever never not in a hurry hurry to put because it grows very quickly, and sometimes then very outgrows us it even falls repeatedly so cut no need to rush to onion seedlings he time to grow and you it will have time to plant in the open ground here let's see how I live them as I
  • 02:02: I planted in snail snail As always we standard height toilet paper we take snail and what I do I just planted I'll show you this I again provided the game iping necessarily because the bow is very toga germinating it is very long sometimes rises even if we sow simply even into the ground seedlings it can even and not ascend so we
  • 02:32: 7 it with you toilet paper soaked and Ping and if so we attentively we will see I see my no operator Therefore, in general, miles too heavy Well of course that's that you have to show because you time to make landing look I carefully located in seeds general, they are a little how to run we never planting
  • 03:03: Right here are the seed of seed there observing there is a centimeter or two Onion in the general likes here are here is how dense plantation Here we with you somewhere retreated about half cm and We spread our seeds decompose them so then to all our Snail was filled seeds it and we will gradually you twirl that is, landing principle
  • 03:34: snail leeks bow and to his bus All bows the same how we put you pepper as we plant we took with eggplant you like this We rolled our snail We planted the seeds actually rezinochku put in mandatory package shape and removed from the Your e-mail on the bow germination somewhere in
  • 04:04: dark in a warm place but that's how I always on top I have shelves I laid out for their germination seed if we are pepper Yes, in general, fall asleep ground when there appeared I literally a few He said some peppercorns there sprouted or more seeds or more there in seeds of eggplants only hatch and we start covered with soil that
  • 04:34: thing we do a little different we give good in general good germinate seeds sometimes it happens such that even almost is not he bow to themselves archery arrows pop in here jump out of the cochlea why I once again I say that God is very difficult rises so you should give it necessarily a good thing hold here in this we remove the condition him
  • 05:04: and he have with you germinate in the dark vtem in the warmth and dark there as we plant onions But in these here la. I use here so here is a rag yes very convenient for some reason no toilet paper because it is very yourself how well It feels so good use it or rather for seedlings So we take it with you We put a cut off at
  • 05:35: the bottom of the bottom was sewn. and sprinkled with good sprinkle do not regret water sprinkled water rash but if here overlook take a closer look here a very hard see because white cloth and the as stated seeds and gave very rostochku its hard to see but they sprouted all I gave them all seeds germinate
  • 06:06: the seeds have been like You see they were the green eat seeds treated Now they can use many we must ask or they do not have to wash do not wash it is necessary to wash the muteness I have them here and so laid out on Now that the distance I do as soon as they I have all the seeds germinated it shows I take again still take the land and behold so I'm taking a little here
  • 06:36: I have a expression so many as it were, too, we say prisalivaem seeds that is, now I you'll even show visible White's tails on background you see here This is the land seen Now white ponytail at Onion and we sprinkle sprinkle here and so our bow to the ground sprinkle a little
  • 07:06: layer literally just a little a little bit to give a little food not much earth like that when we powder our bow we should with you again to insert in a transparent bag package and has been sent to for germination box If that's the they point in the cochlea I still have not sprouted seeds they will
  • 07:36: lie down in a dark place here's forehead is where I have in trays I hatched him sprinkle earth and tidy on window and so I have every just look grown onions I pour the earth I grew onions spiked land thus I do not I give time to stretch their seedling here here are such a another way I I wanted to tell you
  • 08:07: method onions landing it is not worse planting in the method I ask the snail matter what kind lucky I am the way always I say so I never stopped there I planted in snail I plant in snail and so in such payments lotochek so that a bow on us should be put to you in early March or the end of February do not rush to the landing
  • 08:37: he grows onions very very fast here is a small I advice you wanted give on the boat landing with you was Julia changes to their channel dissolved in the garden vegetable garden till