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Brazier from a gas cylinder in three hours!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello once gas bottle next refueling Well, as you already understood of the title is not Bourget gas cylinders it will be BBQ grill of a network complete as well, and do there are some nuances
  • 00:33: which in my first the Mongols in disliked or so to speak, and show step by step credit management BBQ balloon the first step fill be sure to water quietly slowly open valve They were put included small naborchik and fill to the brim the second stage is
  • 01:07: marking Seven times measure one cut once all clear why post clear then to not have been some descent Center means we take Shabalova seam was circle it ninety six centimeters divide by four parts It turns 24 cm means 2024 measured out
  • 01:41: first line recaptured from the center of this sides also note 24 centimeters and divide by 6 skewers it goes with us before this repulse three centimeters needed
  • 02:12: weld and from this line that we noted welding beat seam 8 centimeters, and we just get 6 hole for the future skewers and from this line we repel another 10
  • 02:42: centimeters is we It will cover not know I explained clearly unclear to be like understandably God full of water We begin to nag after We made the first cut This will be our back part of the barbecue immediately also making cut
  • 03:12: rest applied such here petelechki ie it can be solid segments can be for years I have is accurate and that came and went I put and welded to so that later we do not needed if we if cut cover catch here if this joint right welded eyelets the cover is exactly
  • 03:43: opened and close We made all the sections husband cap open here such at us here swamp but safe cover hinged and then cut Now these are the two Liquor 3 centimeters in my 40
  • 04:13: to blog weld it into this place as the limiter for Cover cap King the cover does not fall on y you stop and neatly on them should not to break loop now I will welded pen welds you can pick up a pen any entrance door even though I He took the example of old barbecue Well what a shop while not why not
  • 04:43: hurt lowered limiters keep still some time limiters can a little knock out up to all cover filed ie you it was easy to open close they stretch and slightly raised respectively roofs or higher you can do in short, we develop What is the cut off
  • 05:13: welds and rim for ease of removal slit to relax and remove the cut out such plate in this I case the thickness of 1 millimeter let such all the metal is and means width 3 and made
  • 05:43: Now all this length circumference of Vladi longer welded or from the inside to nothing cover not hurt then the cap we cover and will not have we have no gaps and the cover will not and nowhere to fall will Trudnenko lie on these plates
  • 06:13: 2 welded and left two things weld all platelets welded . omit a single clearance we do not have a drilled hole that we
  • 06:48: scheduled earlier and now I will do here here and here it there are all the same 8 centimeters, and the edges will do cuts on skewer He said cut off valve It built a small five-copeck coin then I turned BBQ sedimentary seam enrolled 10 centimeters more ten centimeters retreated spaced 5
  • 07:18: centimeters somewhere are slots bottom to make slots and I advise you not to think not because fat drips all clogged constantly need to butch Iset Fishing Union and you type does not need to burn do live side Now one will resist hand side and with second Well that's all BBQ ready by the time the three hour slots made
  • 07:49: the only thing that I until the legs do because this mango We have something far take things BBQ not imagine there'll be to do on the spot legs what is there to hide beloved mother-in-law is still He promised to do here and I made lucky to place doing leg night already there diverse make It can be made from Uruk
  • 08:19: Now I show what in It feet on the ground hijacked and perhaps prodemonstiruyu lid closed that is, there is no gap meat can lie then a little so that's 1 mango this kind of feet under bottom can be something slazhivat very convenient on its own it is one which This I had, he was the remainder had me
  • 08:50: here a little simply drown piece of metal handle from the first iron made version 5 skewers second well 6 good pieces here I go Hitler entirely on I place on minus I made the bottom of the hole ash pit that is, you can do side
  • 09:20: because of snow sedan rammed constraints in the variant ordinary key some hangers old. you can dream who it wants all of us to This project could I completed all the luck Thank you for your attention