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Automatic loading of Windows was cluttered up? Let's clean!  See details »



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  • 00:00: I greet you forest name Alexander the video we are look at the beginning on Example 7 windows system how to clean startup from extra programs this press combination windows p a window opens in we introduce m config on the course English okay here We go to the point Startup here we will see many programs
  • 00:30: which currently time I loaded here in tray they can be seen well, respectively hang RAM my case is, Program I in him will not be any removed from such startup how well you skype and so etc. But there are those I would not want to see at startup that I just but also interfere with respectively brake job computer for example you can highlight Daimon tuls I run
  • 01:00: very rare but adobe updater startup telly too I do not know what he is doing have likely downloads updates for convenient for me It is not very true in your same case, you are sure to check what you not need to but to better get acquainted with program I recommend here here it's a column the team a little bit expand and we then see the path where takes the program well and correspondingly
  • 01:30: We can do more Whether you need an accurate conclusion it is us and the line when we have removed a tick click okay so we agree to restart and have after reboot of we can see results and make Are we correct conclusion disabling programs or vice versa costs return to to bounce back load This jam sweets We go to the point Startup and just apparently does not move in End of program and just put a tick ok
  • 02:01: reboot and all back because was and now we can you to see how the same The same can be done windows 10 and so I drove his maxim beloved laptop is windows 10 now move on in Task Manager as the we said in the article He is revealed through combination of control shift escape We go to the point Startup here we can observe that little differently constructed the window but it does not
  • 02:31: less still very understood here as we We see next to each the program is its condition included or disabled respectively loaded or not loaded at boot and also interesting paragraph impact on the load central the processor is also very important this factor that show us what programs do affect on the speed and which can be left without attention both enable or
  • 03:02: disconnect just click like for some program and click here disconnect we see that the state has passed again in the same disabled just going through Type Full-list remove unnecessary close the Manager tasks and reboot car then We can see how changed performance but also make certain conclusions likewise It can be as in other versions System restore all back then there turn back downloads and software
  • 03:32: will again be run with windows if you were interesting this video subscribe to our channel will be happy your comments and reviews under this Video all good