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  • 00:00: greetings to all viewers of my channel all who looked at light will be today very short video it can be said so on request video asked me svetana object of whom I express at once a huge thanks for warm words that she always speaks in my address in the address of the what i'm doing asked tell me about this dish somehow us I did not see in the menu on a week I think that for many this dish It is familiar and not easy
  • 00:30: here will be now I do not want to shoot fast. will be today long chat first changed for the fact that I there's nothing to talk very often and secondly I a picture of such a very many conditions do not highly comfortable that can walk to speak means look what a piece of yourself represents the nests of i I think many know that there are here such they are already sold ready I make them very easy
  • 01:01: I have such a super fast option in fact, in fact there are many options people add stuffing my there may be cut some pieces of meat with slices of fat i also I take stuffing mixed here already with me added spices for mincemeat salt that to me still carrots and here here I have invited nestled bulb is also there two options
  • 01:31: one option is all finely shredded and is added already to the forcemeat I like to do this is a small the ground is heard yes that today we do not have it will turn out like this chat that is I have them Vayu in the heat a little and the first and first vegetable oil greens in my seasonings right here Here at the peak of the barrel such non-standard I knew that I need today
  • 02:01: will be very fast to cook so now fast shooting and I just putting on the nests but if I need to I have something to say be sure to you I'll show you Well, you can see
  • 03:38: Nests and legs and this fast enough and simple and now I put the frying pan on the stove slightly a lot of butter is not I recommend people because that will be very bold and immediately slow fire and while I put kettle of water because what is needed here I boil everything quickly cut onions
  • 04:12: onion I'm enough I cut it because that he is a fact with me goes so maybe I I love it in this option up to 100 minced meat of course you need
  • 04:42: Cutting smaller and need more We can use a mincemeat add and icons now we have more I get accustomed to this time already got carrots on a large grater further on the same here
  • 05:37: such a mat here is simply just spread ours can be add a testicle add stuffing here for the taste of everything really want to there on the pile is written prescription but you can say that the dishes on lover and thank god that we were
  • 06:09: lovers then what the dish is prepared easily fast Now I do not drive yet my onion burned down pouring boiling water and put on maximum fire five minutes they must under the lid be on
  • 06:41: maximum fire Well , five minutes i am now i am still a little bit because she is here only forcemeat there is still a broth and vegetables I add further greens and what only
  • 07:11: I want a lot of stella I'm in a hurry because what now for showing and flat walk with baby will come soon husband is already finally now I'm again
  • 07:43: covering the lid and another five minutes at slow fire, I'm still I count go ahead start to gather on street and we are all like time to change clothes dinner I prepared the dishes washed that way it's all looks just like now the third in our dad's way and take a walk a bit with children I hope that
  • 08:13: the video was useful recipe as you can see it is simple up to indecency but he very often helps out for him thank's such days as today it's simple an irreplaceable thing so that I am bright I hope that I was useful at least to you she did this to new meetings and all bye till