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Polish or cut elastic band. Knitting by spokes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Now I'll show you how to knit just such bulk Polish gum Polish gum sample We recruit the number of multiple loops four + two edge loop first distal edge shooting and further knit 3 facial loop 1 Wrong, and so We will alternate to end of series 3 facial Wrong loop 1 1 2 3
  • 00:30: facial 1 Wrong 1 2 3 1 Wrong end a number of knit wrong and last an edge wrong the first row we linked below overturn our
  • 01:00: work on the second side order that figure was sided us We need to shift loop as right thing to do there where we face you need to track Remember that the right and left to tally facial loops between their paths Wrong fit we were binding means two facial purl 3 first facial remove an edge Further knit two then a facial
  • 01:31: wrong and then 3 facial here in front walkway us in the middle of the 1 2 3 and as alternate to the end number 3 facial loop 1 Wrong 3 facial loop 1 Wrong track knit front loop
  • 02:01: the rear wall of the father right and left hinge knit the front 2 the front wall 1 March 1 Wrong end It will be one of a number of The front and the lip Wrong, and so We will continue to keeping each row drawing from both sides third row repeat both March 1 facial loops January 2 3 3 1 Wrong
  • 02:33: facial loop 1 Wrong fourth series will knit as 2 so we will knit up the end of knit a few series here we have such elastic soft gum and turned and at the same time all with two side it is equally looks