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  • 00:00: b now I prepare three of these Italian dressing it will be the sauce carbonara and bolognese as I call it sauce or spinach because he will prepared from spinach for to prepare pasta and in the home cooked pasta many do not mind enough
  • 00:30: to boil water adding only teaspoon salt spoon and send brewed pasta now to cook the sauce was bottoms me of course I need meat I take good beef slice specifically took Zhirkov was the sauce posochnee and we will cut the meat on small small dice to sauce I felt most vividly Now
  • 01:00: cut into wedges fine and now small small cubes so the stuffing in I will be called chopped real bolognese produced only from beef but of course to get softer delicate flavor, you can also use pork meat ready Now I fry
  • 01:33: the meat in olive oil spread meat the pan, and it has immediately begins fried immediately He begins to sizzle yet will I roasted meat immediately prepare vegetables for this I will need at steering red onion pepper and carrot a lot a lot of garlic I really like the garlic
  • 02:04: so with him and start crushed cloves garlic grinding it right the smell of garlic hit me in the nose and until the meat is still just starts to brown the most add time garlic stirring
  • 02:36: adorably beef and garlic nothing extra makaroshki have to they should not stick together periodically stir many Housewives for not to pasta We stick together when cooked add olive oil actually This meaning no no because all known that the oil lighter than water floats above and any the effect is not manufactures but when cooked potatoes if you
  • 03:07: add the oil in its cooking time potatoes cooked faster and so little add oil if boiled potatoes very Now I even appropriate cut into morkovochku Miller also I chopped garlic at first small cubes and Now small Dice as the sauce bolognese meat of course, I take all red vegetables carrots Bulgarian pepper and possible way take red
  • 03:38: onions but I took Traffic white, because it is more acute I like sharp little add carrots to meat with garlic and the also cut into Bulgarian pepper and Bulgarian Pepper also send Now in the pan
  • 04:08: all this can be stir what it once bright he obtained a beautiful finely roasted meat carrot pepper but most importantly great amount of garlic and almost the last ingredient is onions exactly also fine cut into cubes onions, and send it to my
  • 04:38: bolognese sauce yet I stirred again and here in this condition meat and vegetables should be a little bit then to that it took scents and smells all vegetables that I go just added see makaroshki Well, a few more minutes to cook them so I can safely continue to cook
  • 05:09: its delicious Italian dressing the next will be the sauce as I call it spinach it for this I take butter add olive oil and this mixture of oils I I will fry fresh spinach leaves despite the fact that spinach I have enough I post a lot on
  • 05:39: small frying pan because I know that spinach leaves will We are looking for a small but but the sauce will very tasty I can be mixed and see how the leaves at once decreased and will gradually turn into a sauce Now neatly in tryahnom ready at less heat and I add a little salt sauce was not over at
  • 06:09: I continued languish and now is the moment when I add red wine red wreath course I add dry in order to avoid excess sweets this sauce because the sauce meat, and of course in This Italian sauce bolognese I add the seasonings I I take fresh leaves
  • 06:39: rosemary is leaves not the stems because the stems then it will chew heavy small leaves Thyme also without stems and finely-finely Grind it all the smell of thyme and rosemary 2 I think most
  • 07:09: Italian herbs add them to the sauce bolognese same stirred combined with garlic in combination with a bow vegetables and beef taste will simply delightfully again overturn spinach pasta I continue to boil and to the spinach just it's time to add
  • 07:39: a small amount of cream can be added in this sauce spinach and L a little bit of garlic or any request other spices after cream boil the sauce we have This is actually ready sauce for lovers
  • 08:10: beautiful lush grass green but none Still very tasty and so his spinach sauce ready sauce spinach Cream leaves spinach fried in creamy mixture and olive oils a little salt the a few minutes and pour the cream boil spinach sauce based cream ready herbal aroma Sauce was not for It is becoming intensively
  • 08:41: this suggests that I can add next ingredient I'll add a little red Hammer paprika and tomato paste ready stirred tomato paste with all other ingredients and sauce bolognese, too soon but it is important to be ready
  • 09:12: try vegetables are important to carrot was unsteadily to her fully welded Well bolognese sauce already immediately clear gets its practically completed delicious and I kind of left cook sauce carbonara for this I take a bow shallots and chop it It can be cut into use any
  • 09:42: White onions Only the red because the light from Your sauce will not I very appetizing continue cooking carbonara sauce I pour olive oil added too a little bit I want to butter cook very so delicious sauce communication on oil here It will be very useful add shallots he immediately begins
  • 10:14: appetizing shkvorchat fried stirring and yet I sauté shallots a mixture of two oils I prepare bacon I prefer bacon cut into thin stripes for that he felt in sauce and to a Each spaghetti I and I received all
  • 10:44: delicious juicy slice of bacon sending bacon pan over all again mix and despite the fact that I had the bacon I'll add more salt a little salt after As bacon
  • 11:17: It warms me will add only a little white wine Well Well sauce bolognese today simply failed to the top five a juicy what it colorful pieces fried beef and vegetables and spices thyme rosemary, it was recall very looks delicious delicious and here
  • 11:48: my real Italian dressing Bolognese sauce prepared bolognese finely chopped fry beef garlic in olive add oil carrots Bulgarian peppers and onions in five minutes whore dry red add wine rosemary and thyme Mix 5 add minutes paprika and tomato paste again stir sauce Help save bolognese ready save Rowan shallot
  • 12:29: a mixture of two oils boiled-smoked bacon the perfect combination for Italian pasta and now I add White wine but it will not We should be a little bit leave and after when the wine I evaporate or rather of alcohol it unfortunately but wine taste in my sauce course will and now is the time add cream adding thick
  • 13:00: cream once stirred in order to united boiled-smoked bekonchik order to shallots cream wine it all mixed just incredible taste and then sauce Carbonara is ready in fact many is added to the sauce carbonara I yolk I will not do because all aroma and taste my
  • 13:30: already in the sauce so makaroshki I also already cooked today we merge them If you pasta for not using once, or e.g. they have to remain still for tomorrow's this water, and certainly better do not pour well check pasta precisely in the water they cooked and of course some Italian pasta without cheese
  • 14:00: I'll take a real parmesan cheese and sodium it first on a coarse grater and then and on a fine slightly tangy cheese parmesan reports such an easy spicy taste of my mouth of all neatly stir in the sauce I was ready
  • 14:33: I spread sauce carbonara What he appetizing Hot juicy and asks directly in pasta and sauce so my carbonara without egg yolk Sauce Carbonara prepared save Rowan shallots in the mixture olive and
  • 15:03: butter add finely sliced ​​bacon a little salt the in five minutes Pour dry white wine and a little cream evaporate remove from heat sauce Carbonara pasta therefore comes ready The most interesting currently of truth off Fastum but even so beautiful mouth
  • 15:33: something is missing course my tasty Italian sauces delicious sauce bolognese I'll put it more Still souls meat and fasting loves the meat here so great about the sauce bolognese which he Flavored and Chief garlic do not be afraid add a lot garlic sauce paste it goes just to cheer easy practically
  • 16:05: Air sauce spinach and cream which in my arsenal sounds like a sauce à la spinach it i also add to the pasta and these Great cream succulent spinach It fits as well as possible better than this wonderful mouth and of course the sauce classic carbonara genre but with my little copyright I do not complement I used the yolk because bekonchik fragrant cream bow
  • 16:37: All there is already Pasta will be the last and of course cheese real parmesan which will complement the full already become full meals bellissimo 1 post three let different sauce even in one Italian style but such such delicious beautiful and such
  • 17:08: unforgettable and how we say in Russia they buckets