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  • 00:00: Look Tagged on the back waist that's the highest point shoulder's lower point of the shoulder is NER around neck around the neck necks it is the highest point of the point of the shoulder parallel spine to the waist removed century Length waist or back waist back here this
  • 00:30: the label is it does not go it does not go awry Hassan is parallel spine and dates measurement length whether front here very similarly Draw hair means Renata method or let pass deliver Vitali
  • 01:02: sign admin Natalia's forehand through the center of the arc at the it goes like this the parallel center figure these measurements determine the balance products What is the balance let's products Now I show more one 4 Look here
  • 01:36: the highest point of the shoulder Now I have you Side I show piece the highest point of the shoulder it's lowest point shoulder to the highest point shoulder I go on the back I go go go here to become like this here Sockeye is 2 at the waist back but 2 Natalia wolves that's how it goes this a place that's how it goes this thread
  • 02:07: Now even in the picture seen which of these Measures dlinshe well perhaps even breast Less Verka It called 2 Natalia forehand and the measurement is back waist length less happy here so also I will show here I look ka I measure the length of the back and waist so I can assure is measured and whether and now
  • 02:38: Green Green I painted painted see our drawing someone is a palm tree Now this lipstick is here to back the central line is for shelf central husband line like this a little too run and here I am it's the size of zilla noting here here Now, this measurement I where I came to her Now straightened yes Now, this measurement I where the length of the waist Now let's back I measure the length of the waist
  • 03:08: shelves here and on I note it here so she where here it is where therefore it is seen as Natalia forehand less than the length of the waist back so must have the same breasts We have the same across the chest and Mirko passage d and Now watch ka that's about as trouble
  • 03:39: one line and that's how I spend another video so that's the difference between these lines here's the difference it have shoulder balance does not figure measurements they did not check not tested but it is very important these measurements make time to remove just and right way what is the
  • 04:09: righteousness lift these worlds and is how to gum so how you left obtained here by Right I'll right will turn sideways It means here on gum man should be mated absolutely horizontal to the floor absolutely horizontal to the floor even here with a just hand it off of the Center to Right through the windows
  • 04:39: Center back here it place to be absolutely horizontal floor we are talking about shoulder products and if you You will shoot from above down to musical measurements for the skirt then gum only the natural line lens provyazyvaetsya any no way horizontally horizontally shown only for garments but it is so difficult the elastic tie horizontally here you
  • 05:10: You know here though uri but you need to tie highly even if you are gum and knit gum is tight knit elastic so now there may shnurochek tie does not matter here if you tighten it will gum crawl up it It will creep to the top the figure as tighter you tie for the thread in all of the cavity g or did not properly then you need to apply cut does not matter
  • 05:40: but only gum turn to him figure to turn to Statement roar not ignore the shape and rotate it a backrest and ummati gum so to get your hands force to be able to not be afraid piece touch force to be able to get your hands Now staying on hip joints under here staying here here is gum in the right place and it was then when she mated absolutely horizontal to the floor, we
  • 06:10: are measures taken in Din back waist and length whether I am to you now show adaptation I am using where his case look adaptation made of Velcro So he Velcro What has been done to its beams made I leave right here So It means in the upper
  • 06:41: the lower point of the shoulder Here are the point of the shoulder Now this one here the edge of it. shoulder top female here earlier when the bottom point of the shoulder means Look what I I put here so the river I put season now whew tilt and so you need to show positioned so evident That's how you need
  • 07:11: to locate here This line does not matter red you it or spend Chernen'kii marker to It shows you the line shoulder and zakazchitsa should be guided on the clothes in which She's dressed you must put its shoulder line and it constantly adaptation fix because that from here is whether Natalia is now or certainly not a mannequin very convenient to all
  • 07:42: such here I see right now, so the inaccuracy I will be listening show goes here for Natalia forehand from both at once You go down the length waist back so sit down and catch and catch value centimeters here so that you your nails are in a plane to feel them in one plane and only then shoot see how many here is how so too is the I
  • 08:13: all shows and videos and written thus exhaustively then I urge you to you to each yardstick by themselves and if someone has a mannequin mannequin try to shoot you must complete mechanism of removal of measurements That is the essence means we found that the length container and in front of more than the length of the waist back in 99 percent of cases but how much longer
  • 08:44: more than anyone that this is distance to be 0 5 centimeter longer 3 4 5 10 12 understand what was going on what determines and It depends on the chest who have large breasts of straight-backed and rovnenko and narrow usually large Meadow is like this I bend over large breasts as well do not go there of course there is certainly a shell Dancing is a
  • 09:15: big yes here now little it is, we'll talk but suddenly you shoot with figure measured for at back waist shooting figure figure waist length pass measurements you you are looking keep the appointment their eyes they absolutely identical such can be of course can be and public figures is can be and in those figures who have not Here is a line look back what Sting such as the back of the but there is still a long loaf
  • 09:46: wen from the figure all here chest chest here below It may be up code and you shoot bushel back waist Here is the measurement length further back different containers and transferring means I mean here here here So the length of the show waist is back the length of the wikileaks here
  • 10:16: this can be but you You should view You have to see it visually yes really a the figure may be back as a shell so much so now there is such a change chondrosis all especially the women aged already taken to chondrosis here here here Shoulder Belt chondrosis and that's all it works hands doing something well back here is well worth it Spanish dance here so you can see
  • 10:47: visually what may be but since this can be on as can be but not be complacent should be checked again horizontality gum horizontal without condom What if you rezinochka slightly jumped or I moved out somewhere else in the other side What if you forget to here while here we are watching here something you went this adaptation understand what was going on you must make is that really
  • 11:18: these labels the same if there is opportunity like you all tweaked rezinochku tweaked tweaked all and if there opportunity to Tanya before long have at least 5 to 0 more than a centimeter more it is very well well, you do not have example, all several times and Still 1 and they equally, and that's only if they leave the same when you taken to ensure
  • 11:48: to between 2 natal'ya transfer was more no it does not work here only those measurements means leave think I see here between these yardsticks or put here here's write so the first we turned out that the length back waist It means less than the length waist shelves so It should be, as it were also need to be like this female figure but yes but this could be a Now another 3 can
  • 12:19: be the value of the length waist back more than 2 we have become, and you are transferring I represent on measures and at the back I have this measurement greater than 2 Natalia forehand such can be but of course can be here I put I already three shutters exclamation mark three exclamation such can sign be but can be very rarely rare but it happens and sometimes even more frequently in young women than in elderly
  • 12:50: the elderly but frank hump then when there is figure frank Of course such a hump but there can be young young Girls here's how you Well said, young where it is about to such I have met figure to 30 after 30 Well quite young here shy age rather growth his and that's somehow roach here specially bunchy but it's amazing so I did a lot and the 40
  • 13:20: Chili years about some of these that's life therefore not met you'll like it there is therefore it so here so accustomed to walk stooping and twisting somewhere there fell a It is the shadow play much like conventional chest here It is well well for family Well not at all from the breast so now in the case back waist length maybe more Italy splitting length but when you see three exclamation sign me where in the analysis of my yardsticks
  • 13:50: for your merchandise sign should mean what should be done must also again check horizontality elastics on the waist check again Do you have the right not Do slipped in measuring these measures oven to usb and the original or try at least up here to a level at Had these tags to equalize and if you are out on the so that at least their equalize it well Well, no change several times and there is no visually see that
  • 14:20: on the back of greater than chest, and so lives and so it goes Santa is not natural It should be like that figure straighten me once I studied I am a man he says whose whole life but one young woman says it's so, I straightened and shit you straighten and straighten seam some He told me about you better neckline and behind and behind it was
  • 14:51: draped back New Year he decided to ennoble and when she came things finished thing he She says she wore and It adopted its posture and and the throat dress crushed and he says I realized that you can not amend posture figure and so it is most important It can not be like that human measure has you did not say well, that's and I have all recorded all that I have just We speak not all
  • 15:21: written simply as to such nuances here I repeat means ka see that when you take measurements with figure a figure not must see yourself why because the mirror that we are in front mirror's look here I stand to look at me, I will show lifted look how beautiful no bellies shoulders again to try and actually really is such a posture so it at all and you too as any of Women in the mirror
  • 15:51: especially when one not at home with my shower and we go to mirror look where we do not have anywhere pick up his remove maiden cut no woman her figures dissatisfied even the most perfect as stated in our sight so any stop rack soldier can not allow this and in any case, take your measurements do not must it does not present her husband, and my mother did not sister friend
  • 16:21: anyone's measurement only be removed alone here only then the person can relax if He looked the other then all of the eyes when you close chips are not close She sees a peasant understands that all this only seen in so the distance only private take measurements and without Mirror mirror withdrawn the only one measurement is the length products Now I am getting to the mirror
  • 16:51: and I ask what you like length length with no 2 removed from the gum at the waist under the gum at the waist of the arrow nakidal desired length then when rented product length
  • 17:21: asks speak I long products accurately without margin length because if you come to me ready to take products and tell I bend its length similar but for your account immediately begin tell me yes yes yes why you need a shorter this could be a because then when one shell especially it concerns skirts here are some dresses Although the dresses, too that's how it skirts as for when
  • 17:52: man ordered skirt or a skirt and a husband but without taking into account the balance of and then when So I took into account I jumped and now a skirt and I say yes then when dressed and not enough than raise the level of the skirt side seams somewhere near I rescued him show