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The \"QUICKER AND EASIER DOES NOT HAPPEN\" meat pie dough in 10 minutes!\u000d\u000a2 eggs\u000d\u000a0.5 h salt spoon\u000d\u000a1 glass of flour\u000d\u000a1 glass of kefir\u000d\u000a1 h soda spoon\u000d\u000a\u000d\u000aStuffing:\u000d\u000a300 gr forcemeat\u000d\u000a2-3 bulbs to cut with cubes\u000d\u000asalt, pepper — to taste\u000d\u000a+ soda also we leave kefir for about 5 minutes. + we add other ingredients. We oil a form, we sprinkle with flour and we pour out 1\/2testa. We spread a stuffing (forcemeat crude) and we pour out on it the second 1\/2 tests. We put in a heated oven and we bake 40 minutes at 170C. Stuffing any