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How to knit poppy a hook. part 2\/4  See details »

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  • 00:00: our middle compressed further we we are laying the basis for poppy seeds for this for the back of the half loop we will knit 2 bars with one cuff here that we turn you over see here loops are here for back half-wall we knit by 2 a column with one at first we knit 1 polustolbik the there is a riffraff and here for
  • 00:32: rear wall I sew 1 polustolbik and here 1 bar with one cape then we knit two a column with one sc's thought behind the back wall
  • 01:03: two bars with one at the end of 1 column and here is the second again the next loop 2 bars with one from the following loop and here we knit 2 column in 1 column and here is the second
  • 01:34: column see and so on knitting from circle to end another loop we sew a cuff and here here for the back hinge wall two bars with one at the end of 1 column and here we knit here
  • 02:04: second column so we knit till the end of the way to round server is finished further we knit second row of the brand you are for back fully nku We knit two bars with one-piece 1 post and here second column
  • 02:38: next half loop We knit one bar with one-piece the next two column that is we alternate the 2nd row with us is obtained alternation in one half loop 2 posts the next one we have two posts column now with us one post is misha loop 2 post
  • 03:14: so we knit in a circle up to end here that second row from us further we knit third row for this we knit two a column with one half-loop second next
  • 03:54: half loop we knit one post with one and the next also 1 bar with one that is, we alternate in two loop loops 1 column with one the crochet and the second column with one cape then we knit again half loop 2 posts 1 and 2
  • 04:28: again 2 2 loops we sew one by one one post and the second column the next column is two bastion and 2 so they were binding on
  • 05:02: circle to the end here here we knit in a spiral rub a number we have tied up we now conclude this row we knit one column with one at the end of 1 column with one more on
  • 05:33: next half loop we knit half-loaf and the next loop we knit a column without the cape is here connecting loop our foundation is ready
  • 06:04: I remind you that for poppy I knitted a black black color here but to show you at white is better again It is visible here further we you make for binding