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Kapkeyki with butter cream the recipe in house conditions  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello suffer to become you on channel scream and today we will prepare vanilla beans and we will decorate butter cream seizures for preparations which then we need 200 gram flour glass Sahara tea spoon separator bag vanilla sugar 100g softened butter and 3 persons for cooking cream we will use 100 milliliters of fatty cream is not fat less than 30 percent 50
  • 00:30: gram of powdered sugar and food coloring to start the oil well softened whisk in a mixer on the maximum speeds until she died then enter vanilla stator and ordinary sugar sand leading small continued whisk on maximum you should get here such a oil shave norm then enter egg mixer on
  • 01:01: minimum speed Eggs will be one by one giving the previous fully before connect dry people add cancer and stir whipping on minimum speed in small portions enter all clients in could give flour
  • 01:32: completely stir and turn off our dough we will be ready use the usual silicone molds for baking muffins just take capsule small for capcasks fill every form text test as usual for three quarters and send and poke the shepherd oven preheated to
  • 02:08: 180 degrees and peak spots with us meanwhile, we are preparing cream whisk on the maximum speed of the mixer and We introduce a little sugar whisk until cream is not 20 thick creamy waterman food coloring is stir dye we use red the dye must be
  • 02:38: gel and we jumping cream we get kapekyki from the oven check for readiness and we leave to arrive decorate with cream choose convenient for you nozzle we decorate with creamy cream do not forget that rollers and must be completely cooled
  • 03:08: that's what we have here