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  • 00:00: friends all hello my name is Olga and I glad to welcome you on your channel Today I will show as much four options budgetary boxes for storage of which You can do with my own hands minimum quantities materials so that if you are interested then stay with me be sure now in any store city you can find set a box for storage but unfortunately they are not very cheap here's an example this is the box she is pretty big
  • 00:30: and now it's worth about $ 10 one of its master classes who scored a bunch views and likes that I am very pleased I pasted the cardboard box with wallpapers on and sent me such interior storage box I want in this video show four variant of budgetary storage boxes I will glue about the box using
  • 01:00: adhesive paper with using wallpaper fabric a also harness and if you interesting . We will begin our master class of these cows they are made in the same way are glued and let's finish box with lashing so will I tell you how did I do these Here are the stickers or girls to glue We are the box at the beginning
  • 01:30: should glue it together sides are all one-piece tape so you can not see it there were joints on the corners boxes for this we take the tape width height box + gateway with this parties and from below to cb but the gate is coming length of this tape will be equal to the length perimeter of all sides boxes so we and used to checking further if self-adhesive we had us just
  • 02:01: glued using self-adhesive if it is fabric or wallpaper we glue with using adhesive glue pva or some other glue for example moment which are good is smeared and very thin layer so that there were no hillocks and beyond the inside of the box we will glue the same method only take tape equal to the height inner side anise boxes and bottoms
  • 02:31: boxes we paste the same rectangle with this the same way I spat Here it is here a box using as wallpaper inside over glue on and outside and now let's go to Moscow this here boxes my most beloved inside I'm shelling her black paper on the same principle as well as these boxes a outside I took twine and layer for layer and the beginning of it
  • 03:02: glue glue gun when i have everything ended ends me I'm on top of the box covered it with a layer thin layer of glue pva and when he dried it acquired this that's the kind of you see in front of you a now a little bit pour the barrels to me it seems very convenient for those people who do not know what in the box is kept example of kitchen towels
  • 03:32: if the husband opens cabinet then he knows for sure that here we have kitchen towels no others from leaves equal need a black paper I bought it near supermarket I cut out at first from plain paper sample that I I want to apply to black then easy inflicted and cut pasted on or on cardboard thick normal or at me there remained a
  • 04:02: boxes of shoes and I here on this cover on such a dense cardboard pasted and also here in this I glued it to the case through double-sided scotch tape on a clothes-pin and it is possible that's how it is friends and I hope this video was useful to you and you try to do one of the boxes which I showed in this video if u something will come of you and it turns out be sure leave in
  • 04:32: comments photo to me will be very interesting and I I plan to many videos organized order character near the house organization different zones so if you have not already subscribed to my channel then it is necessary make it now and will be together organize your space in the house I wish you all nice very and all while for now Hello my I'm glad I'm Olga welcome you to your channel and Today there will be a video
  • 05:02: on pieces on week ahead of food and today we will talk about the first dishes so what if you interesting then stay with me